Tuesday, March 04, 2008

John McCain - GOP Nominee vows to fight Islamofascism

John McCain has just given his speech noting his job now is to unify the Republican Party. He has stated specifically that he will fight Islamofascism. Well, that is a plus but we need more specifics. He has stated that global trade, ie NAFTA, is a done deal which means the North American Union is still on its way. We'll have to see as the months bring us closer to November. McCain's big job will be to keep himself on Page One. It will be a difficult battle because the media clearly wants Barack Hussein Obama to win and will push his nomination regardless of perhaps some questionalble activities: the "wink-wink" on NAFTA and his ties to the man of the Weather Underground and his ties to Tony Rezko. So, McCain needs to keep himself on the Front Page, not the society page. A tough fight to be sure.


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