Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hussein - The new "macaca"

Well, Republicans can't "call names" and "can't name-call". It seems we are liable to offend somebody on the Left no matter what we do. We can't call Hillary - Hillary Clinton. Nope, we must say Hillary Rodham Clinton. We can't call Barack Obama by his given name: Barach Hussein Obama. Nope, then we might be using code for "Islamists" and/or "Muslim". Look, folks, Barack Hussein Obama is the man's given name like William Jefferson Clinton is Bill Clinton's given name. And Barach Hussein Obama's father was Muslim and his step-father was Muslim, probably still is and Barry was born Muslim and had childhood training as a Muslim. Some nitwit on CNN last night called that a good thing because Barry has insight into different cultures. Take a look at "honor killings" and how women are treated in Islamic Republics - you'll have insight too. It is my understanding that he belongs to a black separatist church, a "Christian" church, yet most Christian churches are not "separatist" or more accurately not "racist" in their message. Even though he would be an "apostate" to Muslims, the idea of black separatism as preached in his church is not a far stretch from the "separatism" taught in mosques and through the Koran, as I understand it. We cannot elect a "pretty face" with only a sermon-like message of "hope" and "change" - we have the best hope on earth right here, right now - that message represents the hamburger buns without the beef. I don't have any doubts that Barack prays to Jesus. I am far more concerned that we are being "censored" so overtly and that we are following Barack, the Piped Piper of Hope, over a cliff. The last time we had a man from "Hope" in the White House we ended up with a Racial Commission that did more to tear us apart and distract us from issues we need to face together as Americans. Here's the real deal: Factions are building strength within our nation to separate us by any means possible. Others are herding us into socialism with cradle-to-grave control of our every move. Only we can stop the grab for power. Somehow, we must ensure "Gridlock" this coming November. That is our one best chance at National Sovereignty. When the President and the Congress cannot get anything "done" that means they are NOT passing laws to control us. Let's make them enforce the laws we have now - just to get us through the next four years. Look at "gridlock" as fewer links in the chains our leaders are wrapping around our necks. But for goodness sake, remember to avoid using Barry's middle name, lest you be charged with "hate speak."

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