Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Israel "may" take back Gaza

We will reoccupy Gaza if necessary - Well, it is about time. Americans are fighting for their lives on our Southern Border with Mexico but our government seems unconcerned. I know we have the brave men and women of the Border Patrol but they are too busy keeping themselves out of jail for doing their job to actually be able to do their job. I can still remember the Israeli men, women, and children being pulled from their homes of 30 years by Israeli troops - many of whom were seen with tears streaming down their faces too as they did the work of Sharon. It seems it didn't take a rocket scientist to predict that the Israelis got the short end of the stick in that deal. Now, Hamas sends mortar shells into Israeli cities night after night. [I would ask if we Americans could see our government allowing such a condition to exist but you know the answer - our government is allowing it to exist, just not in the form of rocket attacks but rather in the form of illegals, disease, drugs, and gangs such as MS 13 invading our nation. Oh, must not forget Islamist terrorists too.] I hope the Israeli government does take back Gaza or as much of it as they need to take back to protect their citizens. Good grief! Israelis - forget the "peace process" and the creation of an Islamic State on your borders. Build in the West Bank and rebuild your homes in Gaza. You are dealing with people who WANT TO KILL YOU - each and every one of you. Our Secretary of State wastes time "trying" to re-inforce the idea of an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process with the ultimate goal of a Palestinian Nation. Why? Israel, only you can determine your destiny. Only you; and remember, the most recent Democrat-controlled White House was not exactly your friend. I wonder if Ehud Baruk has ever felt clean again after shaking hands with Arafat...or was that someone else? Next time you send your soldiers into Lebanon, please don't let the US government dictate the terms of your withdrawal. You know better than we do that the Islamist mind sees appeasement and withdrawal as WEAKNESS - time to rebuild so that they can bomb again. Please don't let these battles become like our "Vietnam" where victory was never the objective of our politicians... The last time the United States fought for victory was in World War II - before the cabal of the United Nations - spawn of Satan if there ever was one was born. No wonder Hugo Chavez smelled sulphur - it was rising from his cloven hooves...


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