Saturday, September 25, 2010

Racism against white people rampant at Obama DOJ? Say it isn't so!

Zebra shows its stripes with anti-white people racist bias rampant throughout the Obama Department of Justice.  Well, no surprise there, not really.  We know that Mr. Obama has declared that he will stand on the side of Muslims when it comes to international policy and we know that as he just recently stated at the UN - that bastion of integrity - that the US foreign policy has changed and he will now spend whatever money he can squeeze out of us turnips in the building of the Global Community.

Voting Rights official calls black panther case dismissal a travesty of justice

DOJ attorney alleges DOJ anti-white bias

How are you "white" voters in Iowa who foisted this lemon upon us feeling now when you are learning that the Voting Acts laws are only to be enforced when non-white people are intimidated and when non-Hispanic-white folks, that would be white people to you, are threatened and intimidated by black panthers in military uniform guise with night-sticks at voting places our "color-blind" government will not prosecute the militia-like black panthers even with their racial slurs and racial intimidation.

How do you like it now, Iowa?

Unless our president clamps those black panther thugs in irons and gets them for violations of the Voting Rights acts, Mr. Obama MUST resign.  His presidency is a fraud and his sickening sweet words are cover for racism that is blatant and pervasive or endemic throughout his REGIME.

Maybe a Congress will come along that will impeach him for his crystal clear bias against white Americans.  Remember the beer party on the White House lawn and the police he said acted foolishly.

It is time for Mr. Obama to resign.  If not that, impeachment sounds fine with me followed by removal from office by the Senate.

Somehow, I believe it is "high crimes and misdemeanors" when he allows and encourages his DOJ to ignore minority violations of Voting Rights laws and in fact supports Eric Holder in his refusal to treat even white Americans to equal protection under the law.

There's something rotten in the DOJ and the anti-white racism is disgusting.  And the folks say the Voting Rights laws were not designed to protect white people.  The folks holding those views should be fired on the spot.  But maybe that's the same crowd that believes that the Civil Rights Law was designed for minority set-asides and for quotas and not for equal opportunity of access...

It is nice that some Black Americans who voted for Mr. Obama are learning that they were hood-winked.  Join the club, my fellow Americans.


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