Monday, September 27, 2010

Obama's thugs jumping sinking ship?

Rahm leading exodus of Obama aides from White House.

Not surprising really just interesting that it took this long, of course Rahm is seeking job as Mayor of Chicago which sounds reasonable.  He'll want to have good jobs lined up for Obama and the Mrs. when they return sooner rather than later.  And Axel Rod - who does he remind you of just his pictures, I mean?

With Obama's disapproval rating over 50% and no doubt now that Jimmy Carter will have lost his place as our worst president since all time and the Congress seemingly set to take a shellacking this November, it is time to bail and jump ship but some of the folks may have trouble getting over the contraptions designed to keep rats from leaving docked ships and making it to land.

It is difficult to post much about Obama when I'd actually vote for Bill Clinton against Obama and that is saying something.  Better the critter you know but I suppose we are all getting to our weakling president.  Oh, I tremble at what he can and would do to me as a private citizen but no such bravery when it comes to world affairs.

The Israelis had better understand that no matter what he says, he will support the Islamists over the State of Israel.  Just hope we don't have to see that one played out.

And speaking of thugs, why exactly was Mad Jad allowed to meet with Farakhan and with the Black Panthers on his recent trip to New York and why do we allow such scum into our nation any way?

Because he is going to speak at the UN, you say!  Fine, let's move the UN and locate the Victory Mosque as well as the UN on an isolated island someplace?

What a waste of money...


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