Friday, August 27, 2010

Tea Party, Hannity, and Limbaugh receive death threats

Well, of course, in the true demented fashion of the far left, Marxist-Leninist crowd in this nation whose members feel their grasp on power slipping away, they first resort is always verbal name-calling which now seems to have moved on to actual death threats. Someone must be hitting a nerve someplace in the dank, dark smary bowels of the far left with the witches of Macbeth stirring the cauldrons... Hey, ya dim wits - those recorded death threats are "crimes", criminal offenses, oh, say like crossing our border illegally but "death threats" are more serious because the government may just have to find and prosecute the perpetrators unlike our weak-spined leaders and attorney general who never met an illegal he didn't love and never met a new black panther party member screaming that they need to "kill'em some white cracker babies" he'd fell obliged to prosecute. Nope, you "death-threat" folks know you are safe from following the law with this administration; you're home free and clear and even if they did identify you, you'd never be prosecuted not after that black panther psycho "gotta kill me some crackers cause I hate them" menace shouting and intimidating folks at voting places. The whole lot of our racist - not name calling here just using the correct identifier - who want to secure a "victory" center for so-called radicalized jihadists, make me sick. Here's the story: Tea Party Group Hit with Death Threats. Here's a website, Freedom Works that you might want to support if you want to get rid of the thugs in Congress and the Senate on this election go-around. Check these folks out and work to get the "killing of unborn American citizens under any procedure" Senator out of the Senate... It is way beyond time for Barbara Boxer to leave the Senate. I'll admit I'm a tad out of sync with our radicalized feminists because I believe partial-birth abortion is infanticide, but that's just me. Women have the right to choose - contraception. But "death threats" directed at Tea Party folks and Hannity and Limbaugh - way to go "team tolerance!"


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