Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque - Islamic War Base in America

The proposed Islamic community center at Ground Zero is arguably the FIRST Islamic or Jihadist Military Installation or Military Strategic War Planning Base in America or on North America on a grand scale whose founders may get funding from Saudi Arabia as well as Iran and may even be able to get funding from American taxpayers because they would be "restoring" a building that is 100 or 150 years old.  Not certain about that.
All I know is that Mr. Osama Obama would do all in his power to assist the Jihadists without seeming to do so with our American tax dollars.
After all, our very own State Department under the leadership of Hillary Clinton on orders from her leader is using American tax dollars to send Rauf to the Middle East and across the United States probably on a fact finding mission to see how Sharia-compliant we are, to determine more clearly our weaknesses, and to drum up recruits for jihad.
Look at the "Mosque at Ground Zero" as we would look at a military base we would build at a site where we had beaten an enemy in battle.  Is it any different?
The attack of 9/11 is the worst attack our nation has sustained on our own soil but it will  not be the last although for the life of me I don't see why the Islamists should attack us violently again when they are being so successful using our laws against us.
To the citizens of NYC and the tourists who may visit there, your mayor and other leaders have and are putting you at risk.  If you don't believe me, wait and see.
Rauf should be deported or imprisoned on an island someplace but you have to hand it to him for his clear and far-sighted thinking.  He and his buddies must be laughing all over themselves at our stupidity and our cowardice in the face of their prophet's admonitions to destroy the infidel.  With our lack of working brain cells and lack of courage at the top, they have every reason to believe that Allah is on their side.


Blogger trencherbone said...

The Muslims' only loyalty is to the Ummah - the global 'brotherhood' of believers in Islam. Muslim theology describes the West as Dar al-Harb - the domain of war, consequently they regard their host countries as ripe for plunder, predation, extortion, parasitism and eventual subversion and takeover.

Islam can add nothing to Western societies apart from trouble.

Muslims in America will have to choose between loyalty to their country and loyalty to Islam. The two are irreconcilable - Islam is implacable and allows of no compromise on this matter.

6:02 PM  

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