Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mosque at Ground Zero: War Planning Base under cover of religion - We are an embarrassment if we let this pass

Islamic War Planning Base idea behind cover of "mosque" at Ground Zero?
Ground Zero Mosque's Hidden Websites - Follow the Sharia.
Ms. Christine Brim of the Center for Security Policy has given us invaluable information and material that we need to know concerning the so-called mosque and community center for Muslims proposed at Ground Zero in New York City.
The harlots or whores who run NYC, prositutes to the all mighty dollar with no morals and no courage are selling out the citizens of NY and even worse, selling out America even perhaps to treason and aiding and abetting the jihadists / Islamists such as Imam Rauf that our State Department is paying with tax dollars to send to the Middle East and to send around the United States to, among other things, rate us to see if we are Sharia-compliant.
Ms. Brim has done what our terrorist-supporting news media has failed to do;  she has discovered the names of some who are behind the Cordoba Initiative (building a mosque) on our most holy site, a small stone's throw from Ground Zero.
But we are fooled into believing once again that Islamists and hence a mosque is a religious site.  Could it be more?
Certainly and it will be.  As mentioned here before, it would become the Mecca on the soil of North America and better yet on the soil of Islam's greatest victory, on American soil.  It would become the Islamists war room for planning the overthrow of America and for planning and implementing the institution of Sharia Law across America one little precedent at a time.
Had Hitler bought a building or several in Manhattan just before WWII to establish headquarters under some ruse, would we have allowed it?  Of course not.  We would all have been up in arms that our leaders had lost their freaking minds.
Well, I'm here to tell you that the leaders in New York City, the mayor is afraid for his life, the historical commission who voted that a mosque could be built in the 150 year old building have brains full of mush, and our president and his press secretary who both say it is a local matter are idiots.  The attack on the World Trade Centers, the attack on the Pentagon, and the failed attack on the Capital and/or the White House were NOT local matters.
Any building at or near Ground Zero, oh say within 2,995 miles either side, north, south, east, or west, is tantamount of an act of war.  It is throwing down the glove and slapping us in the face with it, screaming "put 'em up' like Elmer Fudd, "we're going to drive you infidels down into the mud like the swine that you are..."
And frankly, we deserve no better if we allow this to happen.  Gird your loins, Americans, and appreciate that our freedoms are being used against us and we cannot allow it to happen.  Islam cannot be reconciled with our US Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  A follower of Islam cannot honestly swear an oath to protect our US Constitution which means that no follower of Islam can serve as a president or as a Congressman.
I am in conflict here because I know followers of Islam serve our nation under very dangerous and conditions and love our nation.  But I still have to ask where they would stand as Sharia were instituted one step at a time.  Would they fight against it?
It would seem that the Mosque/community center or Islamists WAR Planning Facility planned at Ground Zero must have its license revoked and the property must be condemned and NY should NOT give or sell any more land for mosques in New York.
We must listen to Ms. Brim.  We must become informed and we must STOP the Islamic War Planning Center any where that it would be built.
Imam Rauf and his fellow co-conspirators/traitors are heedy with excitement at their success.  They are delirious over our ignorance and  what they see as our stupidity.  They cannot believe we are so easily deceived.
We MUST appreciate that many women especially who follow Islam live among us and they are victims too of that heinous doctrine of hatred and subjugation.  Women United International is working for liberating women enslaved within Islam too.  A friend said long ago that it was perhaps through the Muslim women that the change would come.
I think the change will come through our vigilance, our courage, our dedication to our freedoms and our not confusing tyranny cloaked as religion, and our taking a stand to fight and if needs be die here on our soil for the preservation of our freedoms and of our way of life.
The Islamists say that we are invading Islamic regimes but that is  not so.  America is being colonized; mosques and Islamic centers are on nearly every campus.  That is where Ann Durham met Obama's father.  With a Muslim father, there is absolutely no way that our president could not have been born a Muslim and he has said he will support or side with Islamic interests against ours.
Become educated;  if you are a Christian love your Muslim neighbors and try to see them as mothers and fathers with families living with us side-by-side.  For my part, I try to set aside what I have read in the Koran and on a personal level, I respect my neighbors.  I cannot change what they have been taught.  I can only be responsible for how I treat my neighbor and until or unless my neighbor whatever teachings he follows does not allow me to live in peace I will follow the admonishment of John, the author of the Gospel of John, "I tell you little brothers, love one another..."
I will work against Sharia Law in every way that I can on a local, state, and national level and through this little blog as I thank you for reading and for rewarding me for my time.
Thank you and God Bless America, pray that the leaders in New York City come to their senses because they are putting all New Yorkers and all visitors to that city in danger if they allow the mosque/war planning base to become a reality...
And the blood of any lives lost is on their hands.  So Mayor Bloomberg - are you a man, a  mouse, or easily cowed?  Will you put your citizens in harms way or will you do what is necessary to protect them?  Or do you care?
What got to you, Mayor Bloomberg?  Fear, Yankee green, some assurance that you would be safe?  What made you take leave of your senses.  Just say NO to the Islamic war planning headquarters at Ground Zero...



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