Thursday, August 26, 2010

Allen West: Know Our Enemy, the Islamic Jihadists

Credit must be given to Tundra Tabloids for putting some of these invaluable videos together for us. Listen, take notes, and then follow-through. Allen West tells it like it is and he is a man we need in Congress, in the Senate, and in the White House. He knows the enemy who has been fighting us since shortly after the death of Mohammad; and that enemy has not preverted the "Religion of Islam"; that enemy is doing exactly what the Quran directs as well as following the direction of the Hadith, Mohammad's sayings and the Sunna. There are ways to defeat the jihad against us and the first step in that defeat of the jihad is to study the tenets that drive its adherents. As I have stated before, while we call them terrorists, the murderers of 9/11 were only following the belief system set out for them in the Quran, the Sunna, and the Hadith. And now what we must first do: Elect leaders in America who understand and are not afraid to identify and face the avowed enemy head-on. We have been attacked and we need to fight back. Get rid of jihadist enablers such as Obama, Pelosi, and others. Rid ourselves of panders and of the Neville Chamberlains of our times. Our enemy has declared themselves and the war is not new as Lt. Col. Allen West points out. We simply have to stop it dead in its tracks. We cannot allow the infestation of our prisons by radical imams to continue; we must close down mosques where sedition and treason is shouted to the congregents; we must open our eyes and know that the jihadists and Islamists are deadly serious in their mission to destroy and bring down Western civilization with its associated freedoms which do not exist under Islamic or Sharia RULE. One more thank you to the Center for Security Policy for making information available to us. We cannot turn a blind eye to the avowed determination and will of those who would destroy us and use our laws and our tolerance to do it: Center for Security Policy From Lt. Col. Allen West (U.S. Army Retired) Allen West for Congress To Nancy Pelosi, give me that gavel! Not a religion you are fighting, it is a theo-political construct and the attacks upon us are not a perversion, they are doing exactly what the Quran tells them to do.... not a direct quotation... Col. West answers a Marine's question Muslim Terrorists are doing exactly what Qur'an days. Full Speech: "Muslim Terrorists are doing exactly what the Qur'an says. Islam will destroy Western Civilization. Allen West 2010. Watch these videos and then take action by contacting your Senators and Congressman to stop any activity that sets precedent for Sharia Law and to stop the building of an Islamic Center for Victory over the Infidels at Ground Zero or anywhere else for that matter until WE can build and repair Christian Churches and Jewish Temples in Saudi Arabia and any other Islamic-ruled tribe with a flag...


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