Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No Sharia in America; no mosque at Ground Zero

Islamic Center backers may take funds from Saudi Arabia and Iran - Surprise!  What a shocker!.
Did you know these 3 things about Islam?  
Sometimes ya gotta call it like it is and Newt Gingrich called it like it is.  We have to stand up for the religious freedoms as well as the freedoms that we hold dear in our nation against an Islamic ideology that seeks to deny these freedoms to us and to everyone around the world.  
Their intent is serious and they have demonstrated that they are deadly serious.  The good news is that they tell us that they will take money from terrorist-funding nation-states that impose draconian Islamic law upon their people and that refuse to even allow a Holy Bible or a cross to be brought into their countries - that is how much they fear the word of the Lord, Jesus Christ.
We will be pushed against the wall and so I'll just get against that wall right from the get-go.  I heard a lady who used to follow Islam say yesterday that a person could not be an American and a Muslim at the same time.  If that is true, then let's just recognize the irreconcilable differences and go our separate ways with no more mosques in America and no more immigration from Islamic nations.
During WWII, would we have allowed Hitler's Nazi SS to migrate here and to colonize and establish camps in America?  Of course not.
I am not comparing followers of Islam who cherish the freedoms we have here and that they enjoy here with the horrors of the SS.  That would be absurd. 
It is true that the tenets of Islam at its core are not compatible with our way of life.  We have to face that and accept it and we have to appreciate also that the Koran teaches the dissembling and lieing to infidels for the advancement of Islam is accepted, expected, and encouraged by Mohammed.  
Sadly, we will be forced to see truths that we would rather not see and face truths we would rather not acknowledge but we must stop all forms of jihad against us and against our way of life and against our liberties and we must stop this jihad without hatred and without racism and without discrimination.  We must stop the jihad through laws of self-preservation and the securing of our liberties and the halting of any and all attempts at the infiltration of Sharia into our system even such seemingly innocuous items  such as foot-washing stations at the University of Michigan and at the Phoenix International Airport and the stoppage of traffic or of work for the interruption of prayer five times a day which cuts into work time and which cuts into productivity.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  When in America, accomodate to our way of life, don't try to change it.  If our way of life is not compatible, then move to a location which is more compatible to the life-style you want.
In America, become an American.  There is room for all of us but we have to be on the American page, not the page of Sharia...
We don't need one more mosque or Islamic center funded by Saudi Arabia and/or Iran.  What are we thinking?  Have we traveled that far down the path of dhimmitude/slavery to our Islamic overlords?


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