Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mosque at Ground Zero: Stop the Memorial to Terrorists!

Sometimes there are just things you wish you had said even if you came up with the idea and for me it is this title of a post, from the Baron of course, Stop the Victory Mosque. How great is that for a title? And how correct. No doubt about it, the planned Cordoba Project/Initiative or Mosque at Ground Zero is a "Victory" shrine to commemorate the 19 terrorists who, true followers of the prophet, flew those planes into the World Trade Centers and into the Pentagon. [What is Cordoba - it is the name of a huge mosque in Spain that was build, as I recall, around 800 or 900 AD. It was build by Muslim conquerors over the site of the most religious shrine of Christianity in Cordoba Spain. I often wonder what would have happened if Todd Beamer and those other brave Americans on Flight 93 had bowed to the terrorists and been cowed knowing that their death was imminent; what would have happened had Flight 93 been successful and flown into the Capital building or the White House. Would we hear them then? What will it take for Americans to appreciate that we are facing the followers of an ideology the likes of which we have not seen since the days of Hitler - there, I said it. Europe is being over-run. In no time, Queen Elizabeth II will have no throne, Westminster Abbey could be a pile of rubble , and every cross in England could be ripped from the tops of churches and melted down. Sound radical? Sorry, it is not one bit extreme. The imams and folks that are known in the West as radical fundamentalist Islamists have freedoms they could only dream of in their wildest dreams in England. They can print literature that they want; they can work followers in mosques up into rage against the host nation; they can teach subversion of England's government to be replaced with Sharia, and they can do much, much more. In America, imams can enter our prisons and recruit from amongst our most unhappy citizens - unhappy because they chose a life of murder, rape, and assorted crime and then scream they are disenfranchised. But in America Islam appeals because it had its foundation in tribalism - the easy way out for the lazy because the individual bows to the will of the tribe and the tribe is the "collective" with all done for the good of the "tribe" with individual freedoms as well as responsibilities subjugated to the will and mores of the tribe. "The tribe made me do it." But there is comfort in the tribe because one is not accountable for his or her own well-being so one can wait for the tribe to meet his needs and so on and so forth.
See Brigitte Gabriel's Because They Hate in which she discusses the tribes with flags as well as how we can fight the jihad peacefully through the means available to us in our republic.  And her latest book, They Must Be Stopped.
Click on over to American Congress for Truth to learn more.
And more... Islam is presented as the perfect answer. Although what I have studied about Islam seems to place great responsibility upon the individual on a most person and intimate level of responsibility, this part can easily be overlooked when an imam bent on the destruction of America and the overthrow of our secular laws and of our notion of the separation of "church and state" is merrily using our prison system to recruit the next jihadist/terrorist who will eventually be released from prison and return into the American community free to plot and plan the next act or attack upon innocent prey, innocent children, working men and mothers caring for their families... It is against Islamic law for anyone to try to convert a Muslim. In America we need to pull our boots on and get some grit in our craw. Let's start by: Stopping the "Victory" mosque at Ground Zero Denying Imams access to inmates in our prisons. Would we have allowed SS recruiters into our prisons in WWII? and Deporting all Imams who teach hatred against America and Americans in their mosques. This could of course apply to our famous Jeremiah Wright, Jr., of Black Liberation Theology fame, and the "pastor" and confident of our president. [On this deportation thing, I don't care if they are American citizens or not. Teaching, preaching, and recruiting for the overthrow of our nation under the guise of an ideology that cloaks itself falsely as a religion when it is political to its core certainly should fall under sedition or something. Don't we have lawyers and judges loyal to America anymore or are they all soft jihadists; or perhaps just waiting to see which side wins.] As usual I digressed happily into a few other related topics. I know it is or can be laborious for you, my dear follower and reader friends, but I am so happy to be recovering from that serious fainting-fall with its attendant injuries that all occurred last February. The doc says a year to a year and a half and all should be "right as rain." No neurological damage, just some internal bruising which is healing. Seems the only issue for me is a heightened "flight" response to fear brought on by a startling event. I said this earlier but allow me to mention again a witness and appreciation to God and our Lord Jesus Christ for guiding and helping me along thus far. Don't know why I'm sharing this right now but a friend, Always on Watch, and her husband experienced a serious medical situation earlier this year. With humility and love, I want to pass on that in my case, patience has been forced upon me because there has been nothing I can do to speed up healing that will occur as it will occur. One more thing, as Citizen Warrior says, we must stop the jihad in all of its forms and we must stop it without hatred and without racism. Our Lord Jesus Christ directed us to love one another... And even as hatred creeps into my heart when I think of the hatred that is directed toward us by the jihadist I must remember that I refuse to believe that all followers of Islam hate us. I simply won't accept that. Naive or not, I won't accept it. Jesus told us to love and He didn't say to just love one group; He said "Love..." So when I get harsh and I know I am I also have that other teaching "tapping" at my heart. Yes, our US Constitution is not a suicide pact. We must preserve and protect our way of life or it will be ripped from us one precedent at a time. Be mindful; be vigilant and Stop the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. There are 100 mosques in New York mostly funded by Wahabbist Saudi Arabia and how many Christian Churches or Jewish Temples in Saudi Arabia, in Iran, in Iraq.... Find out and get back to me.


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