Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque - Move it to Saudi Arabia

It it time to scrap all plans for any new mosque and or "Islamic" center in NYC and especially within 3,000 miles of NYC and move it to Saudi Arabia or perhaps Mr. Obama's Jakarta.
In Ground Zero Mosque on the move? addressing a compromise, our leaders such as Gov. Patterson and others are still giving in to Islamists and the answer is NO.
We the people, our tax dollars, are paying to send the anti-American, Sharia Law pushing head of the Cordova Project to the Middle East as well as around the United States for God knows what Islamic Sharia Compliant boon-doggle.  
Our State Department is Sharia Compliant as is our President and as is Mayor Bloomberg and Congressman King and Gov. Patterson as they search for property owned by New York state to give to the Islamists.
We have lost our minds.  No Sharia, no more mosques anywhere in America, period.  Followers of Islam are NOT seeking religious "freedom" and they are not seeking "political" asylum;  they are colonizing the United States and they are seeking to build beach-head communities through which to establish Sharia law among other steps to curtail our liberties.
It is time for us to stand for our freedoms of religion and our freedoms or we will see those freedoms lost one step or one precedent at a time...
And and meanwhile our Sharia-compliant President born Muslim, supports mosque at Ground Zero while our first responders die, Obama  focused on backing Islamists over our first responders.
If you want to see the proliferation of mosques throughout America and North America, just look up "find a mosque near your."  If you want to have fun, give a zip code for another state or the name of a state in Mexico and you may as I was be surprised at the number of mosques that are sprouting up like weeds in a garden that once held freedom for all of us high.
Wait until the whiners among the Islamists move on their next cry of victimhood and say that the cross on the top of your church offends them and it must be removed.  You think that won't happen?
And if you want to read a bit, look at Bridgette Gabriel's book, Because They Hate, to see that the hatred is all directed toward us...
It is our very tolerance and our very Christianity that they hate beyond measure.
Our Islamic-supporting President has said in his books that he will support Muslims before anyone else.
Yesterday I heard a Muslim woman on the Sean Hannity show and she said it was impossible to be an American and a former-Muslim at the same time.  That should give us pause; she has lived under Sharia law for 30 some years and she knows...
Another site to check out Women United who will demonstrate at the Ground Zero March this weekend...

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Blogger Joe said...

If this mosque gets built, it will be considered a victory for the terrorists! conservative news

4:46 PM  

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