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Islam's fight to destroy Western Civilization? Why?

During the past three or so years, I have been introduced to Gates of Vienna and I couldn't make heads or tails of what everyone was talking about because I simply had not read or studied enough. I read Bridgette Gabriel's Because They Hate and linked to the American Congress for Truth as well as other excellent sites such as Tundra Tabloid, Citizen Warrior, and others. I have to recreate the sidebar but that is another story for another day. I have read anti-Islamist literature and have recently read several books written by Islamic scholars. One of the books would make your head spin because it was like reading a book on dissembling to advance Islam but in both I have found a few kernels of truth. Briefly, Western Civilization must be destroyed because it is against God's law. Two items seem to be central to this notion. The Trinity - The first is that the word, Trinity, is not even to be spoke because it is a sin to mention it; the idea of a Trinity is to place a poly-theistic group of three gods above God. Where we Christians look at the Trinity as the ONE TRU GOD deciding to manifest in three forms - same ONE TRUE GOD - just different forms, Islam sees this as placing these three manifestations above their perspective of God. So, this is a rather fixed position around which there can be no compromise - period - or seems to be no room for compromise. Sharia Law - The separation of church and state as enshrined in our U.S. Constitution according to Islam is absolutely in violation of God's Law or Sharia Law as set down in the Koran. By having our judicial system based upon individual rights, freedoms, and responsibilities instead of on the laws of the Old Testament as an example, we have placed the law of man before the law of God. If one were to step back just a pace, one would know that our so-called secular law is based firmly upon our Judeo-Christian heritage coming from our 10 Commandments among other things. Much of the Koran comes from our Holy Bible and a review of Deutoronomy with its 613 laws conforms more with Koranic Law or Koranic Law seems to conform more with the early law of the Torah. Also, way back when, the Middle East was peopled with folks who were tribal for the basic need to survive and laws developed that were to support the survival of the tribe, not the individual within the tribe. Over the centuries, Western Civilization has turned that on its head with the focus upon the individual's freedoms and responsibilities - interestingly still for the survival of the tribe but with the individual as a known entity within that tribe. World domination by Islam - Islam is on the march in its largest and most "organized" crusade and colonization of Western countries ever. Within Islam, when or once that Muslims control or have conquered a nation or area such as Spain and then they are beaten back, their ideal and goal is to reconquer the area once held. Throughout America, Mexico, and Canada, Islam or Muslims are planting beach-heads and working to instill Sharia Law. Do not be under any illusion, the institution of Sharia Law, the laws of the Koran, is the goal and the submission of all of us to Islam is a driving force. We have to be vigilant; we have to read and study. Look at sites such at the International Alliance for Civil Liberties and also the Center for Security Policy. Go to Tundra Tabloids and The Gates of Vienna and read, read, read. In Islam, the Koran is the state; it is a theocracy every bit as lethal to our way of life as anything we have faced before. Don't take my word for it. Read what some of the Imams say; read their books and they will tell you. We may not want to believe them and their very words but is it delusion to reject their warnings to us; we reject their stated goals at our own peril. Admittedly, this is a simplistic view but the issue is complex. We need to know that Islam and Islamic leaders are committed to the cause of the world domination by Islam. It is not a joke; it is not a sometime thing; it is a belief that is every bit a life and death jihad as well as a cultural crusade. We are not colonizing Iraq or Afghanistan but Islam is colonizing Europe and North America as quickly as possible and using our freedoms to do it. Many Muslims enjoy living in our free and open society but the Koran does not allow the survival of that society. The current march of Islam is a crusade against the West; are we "down for the struggle" as Shirley Sherrod said of Mr. Obama that he was not? Well, are we down for the fight to be vigilant, see the International Alliance for Civil Liberties and Center for Security Policy? Are we down for the struggle to step up to the plate and keep our culture and our freedoms? Keep in mind that Islam is fundamentally tribal and in America at least, we have been reared to be people of individual responsibility to God, to honor, to duty, and to our country.


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