Monday, August 16, 2010

No Mosque, Mecca at Ground Zero a slap in our face!

We have to understand that in Islam symbolism is everything. But first: from the Gates of Vienna, Less than Zero as Islam attacks us again, as Dymnpha says to soften us up and they will do it over and over again until we bow and surrender either stretching our necks for the sword or bowing heads for the yoke of tyranny with their tolerance for none. A mosque at Ground Zero is a slap in our face and it is a desecration of our values and principles of freedom and tolerance. A mosque at Ground Zero is not about "religion" or religious freedom, for God's sake, there are 100 mosques in New York City. And how many Churches or Jewish temples in Saudi Arabia? I can't wear a cross in Saudi Arabia and I cannot take a Bible into that country but mosques are popping up across our landscape like dandelions. When you see NYC blanketed in black burqas that the burqa is NOT a religious garment and did not derive from religion. It was an early garment of the nomads and today to me it signifies slavery and the enslavement of women. But the mosque at Ground Zero is like spitting upon the graves of all who died in the Islamic attack against our nation first responders and those who died as the planes hit or as they held hands with colleagues and jumped to their deaths hurdling for 110 floors above the pavement. A mosque at Ground Zero mocks us and is a form of humiliation; don't be fooled for one minute that it is somehow going to be a site of Interfaith understanding. Read the Koran and read where Mohammed says, "Desist, do not say Trinity...." Do no befriend Christians or Jews and say whatever you must to advance Islam. Wake up, Americans. Or you will be buried under the very tattered Constitution which has for so long protected our freedoms but now the enemy is within from the White House to the college campus and more. We are in the fight for our freedoms and for our lives and we must find a way to reconcile our own survival with our nature of advancing freedoms and tolerance. For now, I'm simply surprised that some organization hasn't filed a law suit to have us remove crosses from our churches. But I need not worry because that won't be necessary when those crosses are removed for being offensive... You think I'm wrong? Build the Mosque at Ground Zero and see it for what it is; a shrine to the success of the Saudi Arabian Islamists/jihadists trained at our own flight schools. We may come to the day when we say "enough is enough." Let's have a little parity here and we start building churches and temples in Saudi Arabia or better yet; let's get our own oil or energy sources. For the sake of our security and the security of New Yorkers, there can be no mosque at Ground Zero. It will become a place of pilgrimage to the jihadists and we will see fighting in our streets; we will be pushed to it because that is one of the methods of the jihadists. Push us to the wall and scream foul if we defend ourselves. There is no reconciling our Trinity with the dictates of Mohammed and there is no reconciling our secular law and our belief in the separation of church and state with an ideology where the state is the "church"/Islamic law. When the Iraqis voted for Sharia Law, I told friends that right then and there we had to move out of Iraq and let them have what they wanted but Islam is on the drive now for supremacy and supremacy is what they will have unless we say "enough is enough... you cannot twist our laws around our throats and strangle us with our own laws... A mosque at Ground Zero should be allowed when we build the first Christian Cathedral in Saudia Arabia, an event that will take place when Hell freezes over. Mosque at Ground Zero - Obama supporter of jihad against the West. Go to Citizen Warrior and read for goodness sake - read the Brilliance of Islam and learn that Islam is NOT a religion as we perceive a religion to be. The good thing is that imams and Islamists are ordered/instructed by the Koran to warn infidels at least three times about what they are going to do to us - ie, drive Israel into the sea... The goal is to provide a shrine to Allah, the merciful, for the success of the 9-11 jihadists who successfully attacked America on American soil. The mosque at Ground Zero will commemorate that success and it will become the Mecca of North America. We must shake the dust from our sandals and recognize the systematic threat to our way of life and to our freedoms. The Islamists have no intention of allowing "freedom of religion" in America and they have every intent of instituting Sharia Law or the Law of the Koran. It is insane to treat those who are ordered by their "holy" book to kill us or convert us with deference or to accommodate the athletes during Ramadan. Why do I say that? From experience. I was in charge of special programs at a university where I once worked. We had rented some facilities and dorms to young men from Saudi Arabia. Please don't lecture me about the "no alcohol" during Ramadan. One of our employees who had to clean up the dorms and empty the trash and such drove me over to show me what he was dealing with at the hands of our pious tenants. No American fraternity boys could have emptied as many bottles of hard liquour or vomited any more disgustingly than our pious and superior tenants. The behavior of the male students from Saudi Arabia during Ramadan and during other times of their stay showed me all I needed to see of the freedom they loved about our nation, freedoms which they or their leaders wish to destroy and replace with draconian laws that will include the famed "religious" police who forced young Muslim girls to die inside of their burning school... This is a tyranny supported by our leaders because every inch forward toward Sharia Law that Islamists are able to make will cause us to become more enslaved to them as well as to our leaders Socialism for lack of a better term. Read: go to Citizen Warrior, the Gates of Vienna, the American Congress for Truth, Jihad Watch, International Civil Liberties Alliance, Tundra Tabloids, Atlas Shurgs, and many more I could mention such as the Center for Security Policy. On the mosque at Ground Zero... Do you want a "mecca" or a shrine to Allah and the 19 murderers who killed 3,000 plus people and who attacked our nation to become a focal point for Islamists and terrorists internationally? If the founders of the Cordova Project are successful, we will only be aiding and abetting them in championing their success at bringing us to our knees. We once faced such an all consuming ideology but not on our home front. What will it take to get the attention of the American people? Women swathed in black burqas swarming around Ground Zero going to the mosque of the jihadists? What will it take to demonstrate to Americans known for their tolerance and for the "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" of kindness in our Holy Bible before we recognize that we have a virus that uses the host for its advancement while at the same time striving to destroy the host? What will it take for us to say that an ideology in which the tenets must drive the adherents to work tirelessly to save us from the Trinity and to save us from our man-made laws of our U.S. Constitution is not acceptable; can we compromise with an ideology that has no room for compromise with our freedoms and our way of life? Are we colonizing Afghanistan and Iraq? No, we are not. We are not establishing "Christian Communities" within Iraq or Afghanistan. We are not building Christian or Jewish houses of worship in either of those nations. No, rather we spirit out of Afghanistan a former-Muslim man who had converted to Christianity. Why? Because when he was going to be executed by the government we helped establish in Afghanistan because he was an "apostate", we had to save his life. Our U.S. Constitution is not a suicide pact. We do not have to be enablers in our own demise. We must stop the jihad the is in place against us and that is using our laws to attack us but as Citizen Warrior says, we must stop this jihad without hatred, without racism, and I'll add without violence. We just have to say NO. No more mosques in America until we can freely build Christian and Jewish houses of worship in Islamic "lands". No, no more immigration of anyone who holds a belief system that stresses the eradication of our laws, our freedoms, and our way of life. In our early days, we had Ellis Island where people with diseases were kept until they got well or were sent back home. What insanity would allow anyone carrying the plague to enter our land and spread that death among us? We say or I read of "peaceful" followers of Islam. I read of political Islam, financial Islam, domestic Islam, spiritual Islam... and I read of radical fundamentalist Islam as though this is some virulent form of Islam such as ahabbism, the religion of Saudi Arabia. I read that the 19 hijackers of 9-11 infamy were fundamentalist followers or believers and yet from what I have read in the Koran and the Sunna, they were not fanatical; they were doing what they are told to do, following the directions of Mohammed. Are we nuts and have we lost our grounding? Yes. Our president says we are not a Christian nation but I submit that we are a Christian nation and that under any other type of nation, no government would allow the invasion of its nation by several divergent systems of belief that aim to overthrow our government and our nation. There are plenty of folks who live in America who follow Mohammed who are probably peace-loving and who relish the freedoms they enjoy here; the freedoms the women enjoy here; but one concern is will they see themselves and their freedoms being under attack as Sharia Law is put into place one precedent at a time or will they submit to the men who are the rulers of Islam today. The Islamists say that they must free we infidels from the man-made laws of our U.S. Constitution and replace those laws with the laws of Allah. I submit that we are a Christian nation whose judicial system is based upon our Ten Commandments and that our laws have grown out of our Christian and Jewish laws from our Holy Scriptures, therefore, we are living under God's law and we don't need our God-given laws replaced or usurped by a different set of God's laws which were passed on by oral tradition and were aborgated as circumstances changed. As Newt Gingrich asked, in so many words, will we stand for our freedoms now our will we be relegated to the ash heap of history. There is no mistake that Islam is in the ascendancy in the West but I believe that is simply because we are up against a scheme we have never faced before and we must get up to date because the push of this islamic Crusade for world domination will leave us bobbing like a cork on the crest of a wave lost in a vast sea... I am for non-violent action but we must be under no illusion. Islamists will push us into violence if they can and then say, "See we're victims." We must stop the jihad and we must speak for our freedoms and not allow our laws and our liberties to be used against us...


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