Friday, August 06, 2010

Mosque at Ground Zero - Ah, we ship of fools!

By approving the building of a mosque at Ground Zero, the commission in New York City, helped by Mayor Bloomberg, have aided and abetted the encroaching of Sharia in America.  They have surrendered to Islam, bowed their heads before the bloody sword of Islam, and spit into the faces of the first responders and the men and women who were brutally murdered on 9/11.
They have the blood on their hands of any Americans who are killed by Islamic terrorists in the future.  Read the tenets of Islam, of Sharia Law.  Sharia Law is incompatible with our constitutional government but then so is our current administration and our current Congress.
I do not support violence nor do I condone it but by building the mosque complex at Ground Zero, terrorism, violence, conquest, martyrdom, murder of infidels is condoned and encouraged.
We are on a "ship of fools" who have lost our way;  we have forsaken our God; and soon we will be crying in the wilderness of our own creation brought  about by our apathy and our slavish adherence to "political correctness" and the notion of moral relativism between or among cultures.  Stoning women and girls to death is not morally equivalent to protecting women from their rapists or from their abusive male batterers.
Have we lost our minds?  
Don't worry.  God will have a way to call us to reckoning for our persistent denials.  Tolerance is not sacrificing the lives of men and women who have died in service of this country and its freedoms to the arrogance of an intolerant ideology that wants to destroy you and your loved ones.  There is no tenet in the Qu'ran that says "love thy neighbor as thyself."  Muslims are told not to befriend Christians and Jews;  they are further told to lie and dissemble to the infidels to advance the cause of Islam.
We will or may well come to the day when we regret ignoring the voices of many such as the Honorable Geert Wilders or Newt Gingrich who tried to warn us and yet we did not listen;  we may come to a day when we will be forced to stand for our freedoms and to deny and remove Sharia from this land.  
It is my understanding that Sharia advocates killing homosexuals - so no marriages there I would suspect;  no Christian churches are allowed to be built in Saudi and no existing churches can be repaired;  women who are raped are often executed under Sharia Law;  women are beaten routinely by their husbands and daughters are stoned to death.  Women are cloaked in the garb of slavery, not a religious artifact by the way;  they are not allowed to drive and are not allowed to leave their homes unless accompanied by a male relative.
Can you remember the image of that lone woman in Afghanistan dressed in a pale blue burka who was taken out of a truck onto a soccer field and shot in the head with a pistol.
That is the image of a manly man imposing Sharia Law upon a defenseless woman.  So much for women's rights under Sharia Law.  What rights?
So, go ahead and encourage a shrine to the Islamic terrorists of 9/11 who flew those planes into the Twin Towers for that is what the mosque will be, a shrine to their memory.  And to the notion of building bridges between faiths - ask the people of Cordoba or Israel. 
 Oh, we on that "ship of fools" sailing away from our principles, sailing away from our shining city on a hill watching the lights dim as we turn the lights off.  
The last one out doesn't have to turn out the lights.  That will be done for you because if you allow Sharia Law to overthrow this nation, we will enter an age of darkness the future of which one can only hazard to predict.
I still have faith in Americans that we will come through this temporary loss of our brain cells but I have compassion for the citizens of New York City whose Mayor and Council on Historic Buildings has, by bowing to Islam, opened you to more attacks and has invited Muslim terrorists into your city to the new "mecca" at Ground Zero.  It is submission from fear and that is all right with the Islamists because submission is the goal, submission, fear, and loss of courage.
It is an age old crusade of Islam against Christianity and it has been going on for centuries.  The tide ebbs and the current flows this way and that with one gaining ascendency over the other.  Now the stakes are very high because to the Islamists the time is now and the place is "HERE."  They have rolled out the template in Europe and they have seen that liberalism is a perfect playing field of "victims."  They use the same ploy;  create the crisis; and cry victim status in the face of the response.  And then establish no-go zones in or around Paris where the police will not go into Muslim enclaves.  Is that what we will be establishing in New York City at Ground Zero, a Muslim Enclave where the infidels will not be welcomed or allowed to go?
In Islam, everything is symbolism and a mosque at Ground Zero is symbolism in big red neon flashing signs.  It will be built at your own risk.
We are a nation of laws and there must be laws that would keep such an indecency from being built.  By the way, let's pass a new law - not one more mosque in America until Christian Churches can be built and maintained in Muslim countries.
We need to start looking at Islam as an ideology whose goal is world domination much like another ideology or tyranny of the middle 1900s.  There is  no difference - in both cases one goal is the eradication of the Jews.  Sound familiar?
Wake up, America!
God bless us and God shed his grace on America!  We must be mindful of the God of our heritage and we must get on our knees to him to help us see that our nation is in jeopardy from inside and from outside but right now mostly from inside.
Further reading:
Obama passes the buck on Islamic Supremacist Mega Mosque at Ground Zero.  Of course, he does which is why no one can afford to be our ally.
Gates of Vienna Or we have another option aside from surrender and that is laughing in their faces as well as RICO statutes to find out where the $100 million is coming from not counting what we have spent for oil that funds the terrorists and the mosques on every street corner. The other day Rush Limbaugh had a parity on his radio show that some folks had put together. It was great about Obama bin Laden in a cave someplace in Afghanistan or Pakistan talking to a friend laughing about the inbelievable news that the infidels are going to allow a mosque, dubbed as a "cultural center" to be built at Ground Zero; they'll even build it for the Cordoba gang. Money can buy anything in America. But Osama and his buddy were rolling in laughter at our stupidity or naivete. Then of course if we had any judges whose brains weren't filled with mush, when a case comes before them filed by a man arrested for beating his wife senseless or stoning his daughter to death because it is a "cultural" thing, not a religious thing or maybe it is a religious thing whatever ploy works with the stupid kuffars, the judge then laughs him out of court, throws his case out and tosses him in jail for 30 or 40 years... the judge laughing as he slams down his gavel. In the Qur'an it also says something to the effect that if you are Muslim and you are not made welcome in a given land then you should leave that land and go to someplace where you are welcome. There is one little thing that maybe should be mentioned in this day of the anti-white man era and that is that Iranians are Persians and Persians are not Arabs, they are Iranians and Iran means "white" so in this nation where the color of a persons skin is far more important than his character, keep in mind that all Muslims are not terrorists; all Muslims are not Arabs; some Muslims are white; and some Muslims have black skin as did Obama's father from Kenya. Muslims are not a disadvantaged minority in America - they are not a "racial" group or an ethnic group. In a general sense white people are more ethnic than Muslims because they are Irish, English, German, Scots, Welch, Swedish, and Scandinavian, and on it goes. So take the threat of "Creeping Sharia" seriously as we should, view America at Risk and laugh at the "teachable" moments that are ridiculous on their face such as the "flying imams". In the meantime, take a look at Newt Gingrich telling you the truth where our elected leaders are failing us in droves: No mosque at Ground Zero. Do all Muslims in America want to kill the rest of us. I certainly hope not but if Sharia Law began its slow creep would they fight for our freedoms and theirs or would they bow the their oppressors? If we so easily bow to their oppressors, the Islamists, how can we expect them to do otherwise?


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