Friday, August 27, 2010

Fauntroy compares Tea Party to KKK - hmmmm!

Tea Party Compared to KKK: Rev. Walter Fauntroy Well, it seems we have another "former civil rights leader" who has forgotten the history of the civil rights movement for his own purposes or was too busy just seeing one side of it. His inference of course is that only people with "white" skin are members of the Tea Party. His other inference is that only folks with "non-white" skin are allowed to demonstrate for honor and for getting big government off the backs of all of us. White Americans marched arm in arm with black Americans during our civil rights days; and let's not forget that several men of Jewish heritage were killed in the South because they were fighting for civil rights. One other tiny point that probably slipped the esteemed man's mind is that white Republican Americans in the House and Senate voted for the civil rights bill. We were all assured the legislation would not mean quotas and slam-bang we got quotas to the denigration of all people who were qualified for the jobs and for the promise of access to compete on an equal playing field for jobs. And we don't hear much about the disgusting quotation from LBJ, that...with the passing of the civil rights bill, he had secured or bought the black vote for the Democrats for the next 200 hundred years..." Sorry but he didn't use the word "black" in front of the word, vote. Racist that he was, he used the "n" word and he bought the vote. Now, it is offensive that a "civil rights" leader from decades gone by is racist enough to compare folks of all skin-colors and hues who are active in the Tea Party organizations to the KKK. That civil rights leader must not acknowledge that all of us in America who are legal American citizens or are here legally - all of regardless of the color of our skin have "civil rights" but then he wasn't fighting for "civil rights", he was only working for civil rights for folks with black skin. Too bad that old sneaky LBJ and the most honorable late Teddy Kennedy snuck in a reformed immigration bill just two years after the Civil Rights legislation and that immigration legislation "white-washed" the civil rights bill so that everyone who was NOT white came under the civil rights bill thereby watering it down and weakening the position of black Americans who now had to compete with anyone who was not white. Tea Party not even close to the racism we see in some non-white folks but the former KKK! Where has that man been for the last 50 years. 50 flipping years - it's time for black Americans across all strata to stop playing the victim and race cards because those trains have left the station. We need to work together and not allow our own government to drive wedges against us any more. One woman's opinion. Go on "civil rights" leader and try to drive us apart. The Islamic terrorists aren't wasting their time killing us by "skin color", if we Americans any skin-color will do. It is time we come together as we are through the Tea Party efforts - yep, white Americans, black Americans, tan Americans, and all members of that marvelous tapestry we call "America!"


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