Sunday, July 25, 2010

Obama Administration Racism: Sherrod

I realize that Sherrod used the power and authority of her government position in the Agricultural Department in the 1980s to discriminate overtly against a farmer because he had white skin. Never mind that he is an American. She also used the phrase, "his people", code for white people because she no doubt uses "her people" to refer to people with black skin.
White people have been duped since the Civil Rights era to buy the line or belief system that they are the only ones who are or can be "racist." Clearly with the NAACP, the new Black Panther Party, Vance Jones, and Ms. Sherrod, racism in the Obama administration directed at white people rampant. It is "got after whitey and make him pay."
Enough already. We have paid and paid dearly for this multiculturalism and for the destruction of our educational system. I can say from personal observation though that many of our children regardless of the color of their skin are not receiving anywhere close to the educations we are paying for them to have access to.
A few years ago, if one looked at the welfare programs we had for the "disadvantaged", our national debt equalled the amount of money we were paying into worthless programs. I consider the WIC program beneficial for some as many of our Native American families have benefited from that program as well as other programs for aid to dependent children.
The one thing I like about the racism of Ms. Sherrod is that she admitted it and told of her abuse of office. Good for her. She's a racist looking our for "her people" and she says so.
I would only remind folks that when the twin towers went down the joy of the Islamists was that Americans were killed, whether "her people" or not. The idea was to kill Americans because we are all seen as infidels. Just a day or so ago, I read an article that showed the NAACP in bed with a Muslim American group. According to the Islamist 20 year plan, one of their goal in their steps to overthrow America is to 'hoodwink' black politicians to advance the Islamists' goals.
It is somewhat unsettling that our president supports racism in his White House and so with our "post racial" president, it seems we are becoming more distracted than ever.
With health care designed to deny us care, we should all be worried but white skinned people more it seems to me. Our heads are on the chopping block and if one were a conspiracy theorist, one could say that the goal is to eradicate our ethnic group.
So where is the National Association for the Survival of White People? Not the neo-Nazi stuff, just the average folks that know that their way of life and their lives are threatened.
But for Ms. Sherrod, good for her. She called herself out for her own blatant racism and abuse of power in her taxpayer funded job. Does she belong in any government job, no. But if one cleared out all of the overtly racist, anti-white folks throughout Obama's administration, D.C. would probably be empty.
Remember, the Islamists don't care what "race" you are. If you are an American, their goal is to kill you so in this case, the president better be looking out for all of "his people" which goes beyond skin color and starts and stops with Americans.


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