Monday, May 31, 2010

Roland Garros; Memorial Day; and me...

Roland Garros - getting down to the last week and what a week it has been. It is just so refreshing to watch folks work at their craft who are devoted and dedicated and who are not "thugs" from Chicago. My apologies for my friends in Chicago who honorable folks and blasting away at the "thugs" every day. I turn to pro-tennis because it is just such a change from the madness of the media. I even read where Nancy Pelosi actually blamed former President George W. Bush for the oil problems in the Gulf. I wonder who she thinks made the laws or legislation and now our Supreme Leader who wants to take us off of foreign oil - ho, ho, ho - won't let us drill off shore. Of course, he doesn't want us off foreign oil. What would the super rich kingdoms and such in the Muslim World do without our Yankee dollars. If he wants to take us off of foreign oil, isn't a tad hypocritical to have our service men and women buying Citco gas for their cars on Navy bases. Or is it Citgo. Whichever, it is oil coming from the Islamist fundamentalist supporter Hugo Chavez. Yes, let the Military who are fighting terrorist, pay hard-earned dollars supporting the close friend of the White House, dictator Hugo Chavez who has set the model for turning his position from "president" to dictator. It is model even a follower of Saul Alinsky could envy. If the news gets you down, turn in to Roland Garros tomorrow and enjoy Memorial Day in honor of our military personnel who have given their lives in service of our nation fighting to keep us free. Let's not let their sacrifice be for nothing in 2010 when we take our nation back. I know, the administration can still issue executive orders or file signing statements indicating the administrations intent to not implement legislation it has just signed but whatever... Have a good and safe Memorial Day... My family has fought in every war we've had including before we became a nation and after from 1630 forward; so, unlike Venus Williams who stated that her home is Kenya and America is just where she lives as she said, my home is America no matter where I live. A few days ago a man from Iran told me about what a great country we have and why it is so great and I believe him. In our own way, Americans are unique. I think that is because we are taught that we are unique and we address problems and come up with solutions - the color of our skin enhances our uniqueness. I know that sounds arrogant but with the exception of our allies like the Aussies who helped with X-Corp at Chosen in North Korea, the Royal Canadians, et al - who jumps in to help other nations when they are being beaten down by tyranny? I have often said that no one will come to assist us and I believe that is true; not because they don't support us in the ideal but how can they throw in with us when at every turn our president looks for ways to denigrate us at every turn. Why doesn't he have the Mexican military on the Mexican side of our border stopping the illegals coming here? And will someone read the Posse Commitas Act and see that it does not keep armed folks from protecting our nation from an invasion. It was designed to keep our federal military from occupying our cities as in Reconstruction following the Civil War. When our president is speaking and tells us he is thinking about how to solve problems such as the oil leak in the Gulf, then is the time to get worried. They won't even let LA (Louisiana) build sand berms to protect themselves. And we want the EPA to have more control over our daily lives with Cap and Trade. God help us. God protect and preserve our troops. Two of my uncles are buried in Arlington so my love for our nation and our people is deep-seated. A direct relative was a general during the Revolutionary War and relatives fought on both sides of the conflict in the War Between the States. The lawlessness encouraged by this administration is a slap in the face to all law-abiding Americans and all immigrants who come here following our laws... God bless America. For a change of pace, take in Roland Garros to see another kind of war with warriors in their field.

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