Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama and Ass to kick, not!

All right, I'll fess up. I didn't watch the prez and his drama tonight. I can see the wild life dying and no chance at all. I don't blame any president for this accident unless the conspiracy theorists are correct and North Korea did it... This was an industrial accident and could happen to varying degrees in any industrial setting and don't tell me that BP didn't have protocols and procedures out the gazoo. No, this is one of Rahm Emmanuel's crises and a crisis is a terrible thing to waste especially if it can call down the wrath of more restrictions on all American citizens; illegals are exempt of course. I heard a funny thing on the radio today. A caller to a station called in and he said, he didn't think Obama meant he'd know which ass to kick... What he meant was that he'd know which ass to kiss. I know our allies if we have any are laughing themselves silly drinking their wine to mask their stark raving fear if they need military support from the current administration. And our enemies - no doubt they are shaking in their boots... Well, the good news is Jimmy Carter can now move up the list from worst president in our history to next to worst. Comforting or... Obama can be impeached with the next Congress and join Andrew Johnson and our first black president, Bill Clinton, as the third American President to be impeached. Naturally, he wouldn't be booted out of office just like Clinton wasn't... I wonder who's controlling Mr. Obama...


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