Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel, unlike US, is a sovereign nation

According to the Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel - unlike the United States of Americas, is a sovereign nation with the right to defend itself. What was once America is not a sovereign nation according to the man acting as the president of our former sovereign nation. If our president says we are not a sovereign nation defined by borders, then how can we have a government as established by our U.S. Constitution as we are not a sovereign nation as stated by our president. So, what kind of charade are they playing in Washington, D.C. the so-called capitol of our non-nation? How can a former nation, founded upon the basis of laws, survive under a "president" who says we are not a nation? How can we do anything but decline...internally within ourselves and certainly as viewed by nations that are sovereign. God help us and yet... In Israel faces international fury over flotilla headed for Gaza we find more concerns for Israel and the Middle East... ...the push begins from Iran using any diversion and Mahmoud Ahmadinejdad to push Israel into a corner of self-defense. with the Islamists using any ploy possible such as sending a flotilla toward Gaza to establish an arms-smuggling corridor. According to Deputy Foreign Minister David Ayalon the successful landing of the terrorists and the establishment of a beach-head in Gaza would be the first major step for the Islamists to establish a "corridor of arms-smuggling." One can understand Israel defending itself back in the days when "war meant war" unlike today when our policies seem to assist the drug cartels establish and strengthen their drug smuggling routes and routes for human trafficking tossing in a few arms into the mix. But how many remember the USS Cole, the Twin Towers and more? My, whom pray tell are those arms to be used against - other drug smugglers? Ask the ranchers and regular law-abiding American citizens along our southern border, ask them when they bury their murdered dogs, check their homes for theft and so forth. In Israel faces international fury over flotilla headed for Gaza. I appreciate that Sharon is and was a great war leader but when he turned the Gaza strip over to the killers and murderers of Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Quaeda, and terrorist- backing nations, as Brigette Gabriel stated: "tribes with flags.", a nail was driven into the heart of Israel driven by its own leaders... Sharon capitulated to the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. Prime Minister Binjamin Netanyahu has called it correctly. Israel is a sovereign nation and has the right as well as obligation to defend itself and its citizens no matter what the UN thinks and no matter how much Prime Minister Netanyahu is ridiculed or disrespected here by our president. So the usual suspects such as Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Beirut, and folks in Pakistan protested about the 10 potential terrorists who died in the incident, baiting Israel once again. And shame on Spain which now holds the EU presidency. "Catherine Ashton, EU foreign affairs chief" said that "Israel's storming of the flotilla was 'unacceptable'..." Well so was the attack of the USS Cole and other outrages carried out by the Islamist terrorists. Coming to America to meet with Obama will only subject Netanyahu and Israel to insult and verbal abuse of a larger scale. Israel knows who the enemy is or who their enemies are. We in America remain veiled as we continually refuse to take the Islamists threats seriously. How can we as a people be a nation and not be a sovereign nation at the same time as viewed by those in power and so described by our president among those who took an oath and swore to defend our sovereign nation and uphold our U.S. Constitution. How can we hold ourselves together before the inevitable chaos begins? We can do it together by not falling for the "race-baiting" and other schemes to push us apart. However we can do it as we must buy finding a church home in the towns within which we live; by being vigilant and becoming more aware of the chains that are beginning to encircle us such as Cap and Trade for one; obeying our laws as best as we can, local, state, and federal... We are a nation "under God" and we need to find our way home; only we can do it for ourselves and for each other. God bless you on this Memorial Day... Time to leave the UN and keep our money at home as it is becoming an Islamist-controlled front for pushing Sharia Law into our national governments.


Blogger Always On Watch said...

Sharon greatly erred when he ceded part of Israel's land to the Pseudostinians.

Sharon is still alive -- in a vegetative state. Were he to see what his attempts at peace have wrought, I know that he'd be totally dismayed.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Subtlety is better than force. ............................................................

1:43 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Always - I cried as I watched what Sharon did to the Gaza Strip and I watched the young soldiers cry too as they pulled settlers from their homes.

But Kitty, some only respect force and Israel is being forced... Of course, MAD JAD will be able to strike some of the nations on the Med coast line like Southern France or Italy soon. Let's see how that works out when he can do and threatens to do that.

9:50 PM  

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