Thursday, May 27, 2010

Federer's Coach or Spotter: the job for me!

Today, yesterday Federer played Falla, and Roger did what I had recommended based upon his play the day before. I had been screaming at the TV screen (not literally) move up to the net; change-up your game, vary your shots, use those key skills you have and you'll win this tournament. I'm certain I was not the only one pleading with you to do the same things but when you do play each game, set, and match bringing on the "heat" as they say in baseball, you are something to watch, Mr. Federer. Against Falla, Mr. Federer did exactly what I recommended and played the match with a flick of the wrist, a few well-placed drop shots, and excellent volleys. And Roger won. He was probably expected to win but Falla gave him a good run during the first set. What a great match. Keep on changing up your game, Mr. Federer and you'll defend your title like the champion you are. In addition to being your spotter, I can also baby sit and double as a dog walker. I'd be spotting you of course. Naturally, I cannot play tennis but I can observe it and I know when you need to take risks which in your hands are not risks at all, you make it seem so easy and to watch your footwork is poetry or tennis ballet in motion on the order of the perfection of Mikhael Baryshnidov in the movie, White Nights with Gregory Hines; come to the net and show us your stuff and its all yours at Roland Garros. Don't want to down play the skills and ability of your fellow competitors yet what other folks have in power, you have in power and style too. Not to mention the extra skills you have in your tennis bag. We, your fans, just want to see more of them... I've been told your top half of the draw is tougher but let me remind you that all those between you and the trophy have to win over those players between you and the trophy. I know you know this but when you are allowing others to push you a bit please remember, go to the net, toss in those spectacular drop shots, and know these are your years to pick up a few more trophies to add to your NetJet commercial...

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