Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama blames BP; certifiable and nuts!

Obama blames BP. Sorry, folks, that's certifiable and nuts! I have worked in nuclear power for many years and I know first hand that there are procedures and protocols for everything and for every emergency possible to predict. Now, it is true that emergency operating procedures cannot plan for all mitigating circumstances but they can plan for many. BP had an industrial accident. Yes, people died and wildlife are boiling to death before our very eyes so much so that you can't watch it from the sheer futility of it all but "deep water drilling" down a mile has got to be dangerous on all sorts of levels. And maybe BP has some accountability. I haven't seen the procedures in place and I haven't seen the repair requests, and all of the rest of it. But this is an excuse for Maxine Waters to do what she said she wanted to do and that is nationalize our companies and our energy producers. If you think they'll kill us with their heinous "health care" death panels, wait till you see what they do to what was once American industry. At the moment without an excuse they are driving business out of our nations and with the regulations driving out jobs too. I have seen first hand the result of a major industrial accident during which 5 men lost their lives but it was an industrial accident that could have happened at any chemical industrial plant and does happen. Working in big industry is dangerous and anyone who works in such an environment knows how dangerous it is. You take your life into your hands each time you cross into the industrial side of a plant. If BP was remiss and poor procedures or protocols led to this accident, well, let the bosses swim with the pelicans we see on TV suffering helplessly. But let them pay in kind, not in money alone - that just hurts stock holders and their life savings too. But no, there is a bigger agenda here and that is the total destruction of American industry and business either through draconian regulations or "nationalization." Obama said he was responsible but that is ridiculous. The Congress is responsible for lack of oversight just like the Congress was responsible for the bank issues through lack of oversight, a.k.a. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd... Hey, let's put them in charge of a panel... but blaming BP. Not the way to go. I'm still wondering why our cigarette companies still are incorporated here and still sell cigarettes here. They can close-up shop and sell to the Chinese and never see a loss of one dime in profit and they won't have to deal with our Congress' regulations. If you read the article linked, you'll read that one person had a sign that said, "Obama is worthless." No, he's still got a whole lot of apologizing to do for how bad America is... And I hear through the rumor mill that he may confiscate all that gold folks are buying... Can he do that? The emperor has no clothes... God help us!


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