Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obama's march to destroy the middle class

Income shifts from private sector as government income rises, well of course. Obama will tax the middle class private sector out of business as part of his agenda to crush the middle class and bring us to our knees. I've never seen a president who disliked the nation and people who gave him the presidency more than Mr. Obama dislikes us, those of us who work hard for our incomes and who are in his cross-hairs for destruction. We have to be Marxists and we all have to be brought to heel. We are not even allowed to voice disagreement with his agenda without being called vicious, anti-American, and more. Perhaps much of Obama's distain for the middle class is because he is not of that class. He is an elitist born with the silver spoon in his mouth; he is the product of affirmative action; and he denigrates American exceptionalism, hard work and drive. Who does he thinks provide the tax dollars to distribute around the world? But one thing we know now for certain: Mr. Obama is relentlessly on the lookout for something to apologize for. Maybe he should point out that our nation ended slavery within our nation while slavery is still very much a part of the world in Islamic Republics and we are importing slaves from Mexico as workers and as sex-slaves. His lack of pride in his nation and in the people of our nation is disgusting to watch. So, we have to re-introduce God into our lives, find a good Bible-based church for yourself and your children and for goodness sake, stay away from his "faith-based" initiatives...


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