Sunday, June 20, 2010

Free Speech in MO; the truth hurts

Here's one from the Drudge Report that speaks to the issue of "free speech" in Missouri. Looks expensive and dangerous in the State of Missouri. Missouri man's incendiary sign. Keep in mind the man didn't start the fires, the vandals did. And he did not say anything that would lead to insurrection and such. He just asked a question and a few parasites didn't think much of the answer that would probably have fit them... The writer of the article did a cute thing with words implying that the man's sign was incendiary speech which would cause others to rebel, etc. Well, a few certainly did. They rebelled against the man's right to free speech, how? They vandalized his property. Good plan that proves his point. Don't you just hate it when that happens. I do when I'm caught in a "gottcha" moment. The man said in so many words, "Are you a producer or a parasite?" Looks like the parasites didn't much like being called out.


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