Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cap and Trade: the gift to GE

It is my understanding that one of the effects of cap and trade will be to require that the appliances in our homes must be checked out by an EPA official and "if" they meet the Cap and Trade standards we will get a little sticker that will be placed in our window to say our house passes inspection. Now, it is my understanding that IF you want to sell your home, and you don't have the appliances that meet the feds standards, you cannot sell your house until you have replaced all appliances to meet those standards. And the fun part is that according to rumor and an understanding between Mr. Obama and the corporation involved, the appliances will only be available through the government approved company. I could be wrong here. You best get busy and stop the Cap and Trade bill. These folks in the administration and the Congress that Mr. Obama has "worked very hard" according to a statement I heard him say - so much for three branches of government - must have all-night BS sessions to dream up more ways to restrict our freedoms and impose draconian edicts upon us. Well, elections are coming up in 2010 and 2012. Keep a list of the folks you need to vote against. In Virginia only one of my Senators is up for re-election and although I have liked some of what he has supported, I'm going to have to vote against him this go around. Watch how your Senators vote and then when they pull a Nelson, like a Ben Nelson from Neb., put them on the list. That was such a blatant example of a Senator being bought off that Senator Nelson's name should be associated with all such cases as in "he did a Ben Nelson..." This was to buy his vote on the "death panels" health care bill. the deal I think called for Neb. to be relieved of tax burdens associated with the bill and perhaps for one of his relatives to be given a judgeship. I have to admit, I love it when the corruption is so crystal clear. The episode caused Mr. Ben Nelson, Senator from Neb. some great embarrassment, such that he or his people even called on the media to "call off the dogs." Let's have more "Nelsons". No finesse at all. If all this didn't effect us and our daily lives, it would be like watching great episodes of Saturday Night Live which couldn't compete - with all due respect. Doin' a Nelson. Yeehaw!


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