Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kagan supports gov't. redistribution of "speech" - What?

This is primarily about Ms. Kagan but as is my way sometimes I use that free-flowing style and move to several topics. You'll have to correct me on this but I also recall that Ms. Kagan is from Illinois. What a surprise that is. Remember this administration only has three years left to clap us in irons and bury us in regulations so get busy and let's shake them up in 2010 and 2012. The problem here is that they seem ready and willing to throw themselves on the altar of Socialism and sacrifice their own careers to follow their leader over the cliff like lemmings. Well, the Republicans did it in 2006 so not it's the labotomized leftists who will walk the plank. No worries; they'll still get their pensions and their medical benefits. Nancy Pelosi is even calling on Catholic priests and bishops to inject politics into church services and even went so far regarding illegals and illegal immigration to ask "What Jesus would do?" Well, get the ladies pregnant Nancy and you and Boxer can abort their children. I have always wondered why these ladies want to kill off their constituents or possible constituents. And Nancy is still allowed to take communion. But calling for bishops to preach for amnesty from the pulpit goes just a bit too far in this land of separation of "church and state" but then Democrats have always used churches as major campaign stops and the parishioners continue to bow to their condescension. Really listen at how Mr. Obama talks down to non-white Americans. On the illegal immigration front, I wonder how those new citizens will feel when the next round of millions of illegals get their citizenship to displace the previous illegals. I have tried this several times and lost one post so I'll leave the article to you. I could not understand it. H/T to Drudge. This is like a "bad hair" day and nothing seems to be working with posting. I'm off to relax and enjoy the pro-tennis tournament in Madrid. If not Madrid, that's close. I really enjoy the tennis pros. It's a demonstration of hard work and dedication. From what I see, there may be politics involved but I don't see it. On the political front, this is a very "Cognitive Dissonance" time for me. There are no anchor points on which to hold on. It is a time of no values and no principles. The governing principles seem to be to "kill" as many unborn babies as possible; to work to ever increase the dependency of the American people upon a federal government that will not work. Socialism and its big brother, Communism, does not work. When the human spirit is demoralized and when every dollar you earn is distributed to folks who don't work then why do your best? America is built upon the principle that the individual has the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" through hard work. But where is the incentive when you know that food will be taken off of your table and out of the mouths of your children and given to those who cannot afford all of the children they have so you get to support them too. During any given year, I paid enough in taxes (visible taxes not counting the add-ons) to support a family of four with mom, dad, and two children all not working. My only gripe with that was that some of my money went to support the government clerk in the middle. I would have been much happier had the government actually given me a family with the mom, dad, and two children that I could be responsible for and they would know me and I'd know them. They would know that my labor was supporting them and they were accountable to me. That way, I could have helped them in a more direct way with encouragement to the children to earn solid educations and help to mom and dad to lift themselves up. I mean, if my earnings are to be confiscated, at least let me have access to the family I am supporting. That way they could also connect the money they were getting with an actual person who went to work everyday at 5:30AM and returned home at 6:00PM and they would not connect the money with a vague non-entity known as "the government". I wonder of Ms. Kagan and her liberal ideology not to mention her dislike for our military men and women who actually secure her freedom to possibly enslave others. To me, we are going through and into difficult times. Our president has promised change "you can believe in" but you may not like it when you are young and get the bill for not having the kind of medical insurance he determines you must have. I don't understand the "gov't redistribution of speech" that Ms. Kagan supports. When I read the article, some of it made sense but then I was reminded that "making some sense" is the smoke-screen behind which the far-left conjures up their schemes to make us over into a nation of controlled, not free, people. Anyone remember Russia's "five year plans" for agriculture? They didn't work. And today if you take a look at nations that are doing well, such as what was once south Vietnam, they have adopted the capitalist model where people have incentive to work and benefit from the fruits of their labor. Even the Federation of Russia has limited taxes upon its people. I recall having read a maximum of 13%. Even Putin knows people must have an honest expectation to keep more of what they earn. And now Mr. Obama is threatening to "veto" parts of his new mammoth "death panel" health care program which is existing law. How does a president "veto" existing legislation? Well, presidents can't do that but Chavez can. I'm sorry Mr. Obama seems to have an "ivy league" complex and an anti-American capitalist or national sovereignty ideology but we need to pray for him and we need to pray that the next three years result in as little as possible damage to our way of life. We'll see how Ms. Kagan does on the Supreme Court because that is where she is headed. Sometimes folks change when they get on the Court if they have integrity and realize the weightiness of the position they hold. Nothing can keep her from taking her place on the bench and the U.S. Constitution does not delineate any qualifications for justices. I'm going through a full case of "Cognitive Dissonance" and unlike Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter didn't give me any magic cakes or mushrooms. However, we are Americans or soon the millions of illegal aliens will become citizens and then they'll get to see their hard-earned dollars go to support someone else and they will see the chances of their children blocked by the newest "most preferred status" of American. We've a long way to go. Maybe we need that Cross back in the Mojave Desert and maybe we need to dust off our Bibles and get back into church - not Jeremiah's church. Good gracious. Associate Justice Kagan may surprise Mr. Obama and demonstrate that she can rise above ideology and she can rise above the expectations of her handlers. Once on the Supreme Court, justices can surprise and can see their role as constitutionalists, not societal engineers. We can handle that all by ourselves. I don't see the point of "confirmation" hearings for Ms. Kagan, It is just a waste of time and it won't make any difference at all. It is said that Americans don't always get the government that they need but they often get the government they deserve. How are things going for the folks in Iowa? I mention them because they are the dems caucus that made all of this possible. Now to watch pro-tennis. God bless you and our nation. For the illegals and for the protesters who are demonstrating for amnesty. Don't worry. You are bringing the corruption and insurrection of Mexico into America with you so don't expect anything to be better for you here once you have gotten your way through breaking our laws. And the political party that you will look to to "protect" your interests will be busy courting another voting group. And like many Americans now, you'll finally see that you have been had. The party that takes away from one American won't have any trouble taking away from you. We're getting ready to go "global" with a One World currency and government. Won't that be fun. Life will go on and we will adapt and adjust as best as we can because in the final analysis the ruling class or elected elites can only go so far in destroying any given group, like they destroyed the black families, before that destruction comes around to throw them out of office or out of power. It is just that right now we need to know that the far-left Saul Alinsky crowd or the Mao crowd see this as their time much like Mad Jad in Iran and they are not about to miss their chance. However, it is my belief that they are very short-sighted and do not look to the effect of their actions long-term. For all they know, a time may come when this ideal which is America will have been beaten out of us and we will be relieved to get out from under them. I read a good editorial written by a man living in San Diego. He was speaking about the flood of illegal aliens across our borders and the financial impact that was having on the San Diego area. In just one example I believe he said 30 or 40 hospitals had closed. His main point was that we didn't have to worry about the flood of illegal immigration too much because once we became a third world area, the illegals won't come into conditions they created which are not much different than the conditions they are leaving today. And on a happy note - try getting into Mexico from its southern border. Who you gonna meet. The Mexican military with actual ammunition in their guns... And here at home, another unqualified person will be seated on the Supreme Court and the media and political party drama to keep the citizens agitated will go on. And Ms. Ginsburg will have two ladies on the bench with her so she won't feel so alone and out numbered. I expect Ms. Ginsburg to resign before the ink is dry on Ms. Kagan's documents accepting her position and swearing to uphold the U.S. Constitution if she can find it or put it together as it has been sent through a cross-cut shredder. I must admit though that I am looking forward to the frenzy to "throw the bums out" this coming election cycle in 2010 and 2012. Have a good day in "news" land. It is too much for me...


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