Thursday, April 22, 2010

Supreme Court nominee: Woman's right to murder pre-born baby.

As the naming of the next Supreme Court Associate Justice is a source of some interest to some folks, it makes little difference. We know the person will not adhere to the U.S. Constitution in which there is no "right" to murder one's unborn children. Personally, I think we are on a collision course with God. Since 1973 we have killed over 53 million unborn babies who would have been American citizens, many with the right to vote. Why are the Democrats so intent on killing or murdering their potential voter base either through abortions or denial of medical care to the elderly? Abortion looms over high court fight. Why? I have never had to make the decision about having an abortion and I do believe that incest, rape, and a few other circumstances should make the procedure available to women during the first tri-mester. But to me, third tri-mester and late-term abortions are murder but that is only my personal opinion, having carried a baby to term. How can one kill the beating heart? Every time abortions are performed we are breaking God's law. We have a president who supports leaving babies who survived late-term abortions out on cold steel gurnies to die. No wonder he will have no trouble denying medical care to grandma or grandpa or to handicapped folks. Here's what we need to do: take over Congress both the House and Senate in 2010, stay away from any violent protests, let SEIU do that; get into Bible-based churches, take care of our own families, non-Hispanic white folks must have more children and set aside their desires to material possessions. The government can and will take your material wealth away from you at the drop of a hat. Who was responsible for our financial melt-down. Well, the government and a few players such as Chris Dodd, perhaps Barney Frank. Frank couldn't be expected to provide oversight when he didn't even know of the male prostitution venture going on in his own home. Come on! This is one woman's opinion but I believe God will call us to task on the abortion issue and on others. And He may call us to task when He says "you shall have no other gods before me. Here I am referring to the Democrats turning the federal government into "god" who dispenses your rations to you. I don't think much about our president. I mean I don't think much about him. We have double standards going on right now. Simply, if one's skin color is black and one is a lackey to the hand outs of the government, one can do and say anything he wants against non-Hispanic white people, one can do them harm and it is probably not a "hate crime", etc. But using my tax dollars to kill unborn American babies is a crime against me. Look for a fire-breathing radical to be put on the bench. Who can stop that? It is said that America does not always get the government she needs but she gets the government she wants or deserves. Time to change. Let's at least get a Speaker of the House who can close their eyes when they sleep. Barbara Boxer is up for re-election in 2010. Obama has already flown out - at our expense - to help her get re-elected. For all the pro-life folks in California including the heavily Catholic electorate; Ms. Boxer is rabid when it comes to a woman killing her unborn children. I have watched her speak on the floor of the Senate on the issue. If you want babies killed no matter the emotional or moral cost to you and your family, Babs is your girl. She's for making you lackeys of the unions and such. She's for illegal immigrants becoming citizens but that is not really an issue these days. That is just a matter of time and you don't need Babs for that. If you want the right to kill the weakest among us, vote for Babs. A nation is known for how it treats its children, its elderly, and the weakest among its citizenry. We aren't doing very well right now. Babs is, in my opinion, unprincipled and a poster girl for killing our pre-born children. It's your choice. Re-electing her will have nothing to do when it comes to a "woman's right" to choose. That's fixed law and will not be changed. It is time for Babs to go and for California to get some new blood in its representation in the Senate. About the Supreme Court nominee: too bad its come down to anatomy and ethnicity. I know Ginsberg probably feels right at home with Ms. Sotomayer (sp) on the court since Sonya is smarter than white men who are as European as Spaniards. I don't know if Sonya is a smart a non-Hispanic white women. Wouldn't it really be difficult to be appointed to the court as an "affirmative action" candidate implying from the get-go that you were inferior. That must smart for a former general attorney for the ACLU. But no worries, the appointment will come from an "affirmative action" president whose entire university records are sealed. Mercy.


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