Friday, April 30, 2010

Ilegals protest in streets; show disrespect for US law...

Tomorrow will be May 1st and the illegals immigrants from Mexico and the SEIU as well as other unions plan on demonstrations for United States citizenship in70 or so cities. Bring on the demonstrations. Let's see them stomp on the American Flag - that's good enough for our domestic terrorist William Ayers a close buddy of our president. We'll see them more than likely attack peaceful protesters demonstrating for the rule of law. For several decades now our federal administrations and even our Congress who Obama says "he's working pretty hard" - does the Congress work for the Executive Branch? So much for the three branches of government, have turned a blind eye to the invasion especially from Mexico. They have endorsed lawlessness and they have encouraged the migration of lawlessness and insurrection from Mexico where it seems to be a pass-time into our nation. I suspect a time will come when there will be a "reckconning" as Doc Holliday once said. That reconning will come when the government of the United States at the federal or more likely the State level will honor their oath of office and will defend our nation and protect our citizens. As most of us know, there is insurrection in Columbia, fostered by the drug cartels and by a revolutionary group. In the United States, we try to solve our differences peacefully. When pushed into a corner, we'll just have to see what happens. In the LA riots some years ago, I must admit, I wanted to stand with the Koreans atop their stores with rifles defending their property from the rioters who simply used the pretext of the "riots" to behave in murderous ways. Remember the truck driver they pulled from the cab of his truck and beat nearly to death and the black Americans who risked their own safety to protect the white truck driver? Those Black Americans were demonstrating the best that is in Americans. The La Raza and SEIU, as well as other groups who plan to demonstrate tomorrow to put "fear" in us and to show us who's who now in America as the lawless thugs demanding all sorts of accommodations. How much support will they get from law-abiding Americans who watch them spit on our flag and riot in our streets. No support and we certainly won't be intimidated. I have one suggestion which of course we cannot do but it would be a nice change. Have police and busses at the end of the protesters' routes. When they get to the end, round them up, get their addresses and a forwarding address in Mexico. Put them on the busses and ship them deep into Mexico. No, they have no freedom of assembly; they have no constitutional protections. They are extortionists and here illegally. We don't need to put them in jail. Just load 'em on the busses and drive them deep into the Mexican territory and drop them off. I'm looking forward to watching them stomp on our flag and demand citizenship. It is time to get tough if we are sovereign nation but then naturally, we know that we are not a sovereign nation any longer; we have weak leadership, the laughing stock of the world. Folks in other nations may bow and do obeisence to our King and Queen or Emperor and Empress or Czar and Czarina but believe me, no one sees our leadership as protecting them should the rubber hit the road. Bring on the amnesty and we'll fight it again; maybe we'll take to the streets in peaceful protest... Unfortunately, I seem to share the respect the illegals have - our government has demonstrated "it" or our leaders have no respect for protecting American citizens and American towns. Remember Hazelton? No honor in upholding their oath which is clearly meaningless to them... Why should they be surprised if we don't respect them? I respect our known external enemies more. At least they are honest in saying that they will destroy us. I hope my perspective changes as I have family history that goes back to 1630 in this nation. I love our nation. I don't know exactly when I became disillusioned. All I know is that it is the American citizens in whom I have trust; it is the men and women who serve in some of our clandestine services whom I trust because of their sacrifice. But our elected leaders deserve nothing except to be removed from office. We don't know how much damage Robert Hanssen did to us through his espionage. How much damage are the far-left liberals now called progressives doing to us? At least one cross is safe in the dessert. God bless you American citizens and those of you here legally working toward citizenship. For the rest, "damn your insurgent selves. We owe you nothing except a one-way trip back to Mexico. You are bringing your corruption with you and you are bringing your insurrection behavior with you. I wonder how long it will be tolerated, your nasty attitudes and behavior...


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