Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Border Patrol; assorted stuff; Obama's road to dictatorship?

Early Light. The following quotation is taken from the Early Light blog. So many topics I want to address this morning so perhaps I should make a list and then come back and write a short post addressing each. I gave up on that and just went for ranting... I begin with a quotation from George Orwell and end with a quotation from the fearless Oriana Fallaci, may she rest in peace. Her work is not done but that to be completed by her hand has been done. It is for us to pick up the torch...
"Freedom is the right to tell people what they don't want to hear." George Orwell. He must be rolling in his grave. How prescient? And then who was it who wrote Fahrenheit 451?: Ray Bradbury of course.
So many topics: so little time. 1. Border Patrol personnel work in constant danger 2. Nomination to the Supreme Court 3. Being Hurled toward Communism/Socialism and Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals now on approved school reading list by NEA. That can't be true??? Yeehaw! Border Patrol: out manned, out gunned and saving the lives of illegals breaking our laws in disregard for our sovereignty. Well, one way to look at it is that if a nation does not respect its own laws and denies its own national sovereignty then that nation deserves to be over-run. But now, as at a high school in California, we adults will let our teenage children do our fighting for us. We'll let them do the violence we cannot condone. Border Patrol. The Border Patrol men and women have my sincerest appreciation for the work they do. In the documentary I watched, one Border Patrol agent was at the memorial sight that commemorated an agent who had been killed by illegal scum. The agent visiting the memorial said something to the effect of "we go on protecting our beautiful and great nation.... But you have no support or not the amount of support you need. You like the 12,000 Americans who are killed or maimed by illegals every year on our highways and elsewhere who rely on our government to protect us as our Supreme Leader has sworn to do must understand that we are left adrift to the hands of fate just at the illegals trying to enter across the most unforgiving lands along our border in some places are left to die by the coyotes who bring them or guide them only so far - and the women - raped or sold into slavery. A friend of mine lives in Southern California. Not too very long ago, the Minutemen went into some canyons to free to take to safety young girls, as young as 12 and 13 who were bussed in to the illegal Mexican men who were hiding out there. These young girls were bussed in to be sex slaves. How much shame can our nation take before we realize that we are the laughingstock of the world? Of course, our Supreme Leader is well-liked because he has pulled off his move to a dictatorship. I wonder if Hugo Chavez gave him a T-shirt with Che on it? It is said that Americans don't always get the government they need but they get the government they deserve or want. Thank you, Iowa! You made this all possible. Our government - with the exception of our out manned and out gunned Border Patrol - are fighting to protect and defend our nation and keep us safe. God bless you and keep you safe... Associate Justice of the Supreme Court: Elena Kagan. I feel a bit disenfranchised here not to mention sick enough to vomit. With minimal effort I think our president, Chief of the Executive branch, could have found someone less qualified. It'll be fun to attend the swearing in ceremonies. I don't know how but surely there is someone less qualified than Ms. Kagan. He did check off a few qualifications on his checklist: female, the preferred sexual orientation, and white or Jewish. I don't care that she is lesbian; she'll add more "diversity" and color to the bench and it's about time those folks had their representation too but one would think one Congressman whose lover ran a prostitution ring from his own home would be enough representation for anyone but that was just embarrassing. I'll bet Sotomayor though she couldn't be topped. Move over sister... She thought being a wise Latina would make her special. No. We've got a wise white, non-Hispanic woman who is lesbian. Well a few bases were covered here. Well, our Supreme Leader touts that like most communist-socialist nations, we are not a Christian nation any longer and the liberals have done a great job of destroying some "minority" families and they are will on their way with this "national health care" to making us all wards of the federal government where we can bow at the feet of our betters and beg for medical treatment for grandma or grandpa. No one is perfect - we are humans after all and that pretty much removes the "prefect" designator. For Elena though I suspect she and her partner will display much more decorum than Ellen and her partner did at the White House. Our CEO hit some of the hot-button issues. He nominated a non-Hispanic white woman who is supremely unqualified. To be clear, I know that the U.S. Constitution gives no qualification directives for justices of the Supreme Court but with his majorities and no way any nomination would be kept from the bench couldn't he have found someone as equally unqualified among our citizenry, Bush-43 did. Anyone remember the heady days of the nomination of Harriet Myers who had to cut short her interviews with Senators so she could do some "crash study" of Constitutional Law? Of course our Supreme Leader could have nominated Miguel Estrada but he is a self-made man who is imminently qualified, and although of Hispanic origin, our Supreme Leader punched that one on the check list. I can't wait to see how long it takes for Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to resign. Those liberals may be liberal but that liberal stuff can only go so far. Just wait and see. Restricting our freedom of speech on the Internet. Fining us, taxing us, or jailing us. Taking over the Internet and clamping down on freedom of speech but our U.S. Constitution is in tatters anyway. I read an interesting "opinion analysis" not too long ago that posited that the reason our Supreme Leader doesn't like criticism or analysis of his policies is that he is a product of "affirmative action" and never had to defend his positions at Harvard or elsewhere because he was the token "new messiah." Actually, he was "selected" but by whom? Reading the Left Behind Series, I would have to say that our Supreme Leader is not the "anti-Christ". He's just another dupe and some might say "race baiter" as he took the Arizona laws to defend Arizona citizens of any ethnicity as laughable. A nation whose leaders do not respect our laws and whose leaders will not protect its citizens does not deserve a place in the unity of nations. We are dangerously close to taking our place as a nation that respects only the "rights" of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists who want to kill us and who want to disrupt or end our way of life. I don't know what their hurry is. Personally, I don't have much regard for the so-called esteemed colleagues on the other side of the aisle from the Leftist Liberals, a.k.a Progressives who want to march us into Socialism or worse. You see, it is all about power. It is always slightly amazing to me when I realize how much our Executive Branch and Congressional Branch fear and dislike the American people. But then, as long as we can vote them out of power, which is the altar at which they worship and when we finally see that the Emperor/Supreme Leader has no clothes - and we do not bow I can see their fear and we can feel their fear. But no Miranda Rights for us. Excuse me but some of our leaders or some otherwise very smart and capable people such as Eric Holder who I presume have worked hard for their success must feel like idiots when they are trotted out to, on orders from on high, have law enforcement read Miranda Rights to terrorists, foreign or domestic. Can you see the insanity in that? Our leftist leaders can't seem to differentiate between "criminals" which should be tried under our criminal justice system and Islamic Terrorists or domestic terrorists such as the Weather Underground folks who should be tried under military tribunals and never see the light of day. Of course, our Time Square terrorist is an American citizen but his actions are acts of war. Did you ever see anyone have the death penalty carried out quicker on Timothy McVeigh than you can say Timothy McVeigh? FDR didn't keep the German spies who were working on the docks in NYC away from military courts or their death sentences. Of course, they represented a "nation" that we were at war against. Don't you think Islamic Republics who support the Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists have declared war against us? We're just the ones late to the "party" or recognition. I fear for our stupidity. And we keep known terrorists alive and give them better living conditions than they would ever have at home but the only draw-back for them is that they can't be killing us from Gitmo. So let's move'em to Illinois where some are used to thugs and political cretins. Read what our Supreme Leader did to his opponents early-on. I didn't vote for our Supreme Leader - no surprise there - and I didn't vote for Amnesty McCain and his lap-dog Lindsey Gramnesty. It must become embarrassing at some point for Gramnesty to see himself as a sycophant of such proportions. Where have all our men gone? And now I hear that the NEA has included Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" on their educational reading list. Say it isn't so... And where do we go from here? a few more things no one wants to hear or say. For non-Hispanic white folks, cut your losses while you can and have five children per family. Forget about supporting this corrupt Congress with your taxes which you pay with higher salaries. Have more children and let the government support them. For Americans of African heritage, realize that your political "ship has sailed". You are no longer of political value to our elected leaders with the exception of selected areas of the country. Otherwise you have been kicked to the curb by your "race baiting" grovelers. The illegal Hispanic vote - not the legal American citizens of Hispanic heritage and culture - is what is being courted as well as the votes of felons. Although all of us are of little import to our elected leaders: Hispanic Americans and so-called European Americans as well as Black Americans have several things in common which the elites must eliminate to have their way. What values do we all share? We love our nation; we are generally Christians - although Obama tells world "we are not a Christian nation, not just a Christian nation" or religious believing in God; we may be Jewish or we may peacefully practice Islam and not be wrapped up with the Islamists because peaceful followers of Islam have as much to fear from Islamists as the rest of us do. Followers of Islam were killed on 9/11 too and the Ft. Hood murdering terrorists whom we were too afraid not to promote because of that cancer "political correctness" didn't stop to check if he were killing Muslims or not. Obama says we are a Hindu nation, a Muslim nation, etc. But I submit that if we were not a Christian nation believing in "freedom of religion", other religions would not be allowed to practice here. Just for fun, let's transport Christianity to Islamic Republics and see how welcoming they are... As law-abiding American citizens, ALL of us - from our nose to our toes - want a better life for our children and grandchildren; and we made a mistake in the last presidential election because we let our "feelings, emotions, and in some cases "white guilt for goodness sake" get the best of us and we voted for "skin color" not for values. We are not paying for that vote in total yet but we will. And according to Glenn Beck paraphrasing our Supreme leader, change is coming so fast we won't be able to stop it... And like anyone reared in an Islamic school in Indonesia knows, you have to tell people what you are going to do to them. Remember "power corrupts" and absolute power corrupts absolutely" but what if one starts from corruption? In these little rants, I must always remember to thank the folks in Iowa who participated in the Democrat primary caucus system. Hats off to you for giving us our Supreme Leader because without you, we never would have been on the precipice where we stand today. Even as recently as last night on the Hannity TV show, former Mayor Giuliani said, and I paraphrase now, that he has never feared so much for our country or let's say been so concerned for our nation's safety. But Janet Napolitano and her "man made destruction" classifier has it all under control. God help us. Maybe she'll get the next appointment to the Supreme Court when Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg runs for the hills, screaming as she rips off her black robe, "I've had enough and I can't take it any more... That's a funny cartoon image. We have to put qualified men on the court. Why - because they are qualified. When all is said and done probably the best thing Bush-43 did for the nation was to put Roberts and Alito on the bench. Well, at least Teddy Kennedy - what an insufferable being - won't be there to make Kagan's companion cry... Well, remember, non-violence is the way. It will certainly be an interesting several years. Will the Islamic terrorists be successful and will our Supreme Leader have the excuse to declare martial law? Will our dollars be devalued to the point that we look like the Third Reich? And who do the "king-makers" have in store for us next? But in 2010 some folks in Congress need to be retired... And in 2012, if we have no viable candidates for the office of president, I'll run my dog. He's an American through and through. He doesn't know it but he is... And in California - shame on the adults for letting our children do the fighting in the streets. Get a grip on yourselves in Northern Mexico, ie, California. We did buy it after all just as we bought the Southwestern states such as Arizona and New Mexico. I'm still waiting for Hillary Clinton to be named the head of the IMF. But I'll have to had it to our Supreme Leader. He sure kicked Bill and Hill to the curb fast. Pronto, I should say... So where do we go from here? We go to our core values. We go to our Christian churches and our synagogues or Temples. And we take imams out of our prison systems so that they cannot transform felons into jihadists. Our allies must be quaking in their powdered wings and $3,000.00 suits because if they thing our Supreme Leader will come to their aid militarily they are really in for a surprise... but they'll be Islamic Republics before that happens. Let's see how long Ruth Bader Gingsburg remains on the Supreme Court. No longer than months or just long enough to give her vote to some pet project...then she'll be outta there. In the words of Tiny Tim: "God bless us one and all..." We've sold our souls for a few aspirin and medical treatment we'll be denied... 2010 is on its way and our Elections are the way to bring about "change" we can believe in 'cause the "change we can believe in isn't working too well at the moment... That's what we wanted and that's what we got. Now it it up to us to bring about change non-violently. Violence from any source, a terrorist act of war or otherwise, is all our Supreme Leader needs to bring down the boot of slavery. I do not support violence to bring about change so for now, enjoy the circus and the comedy of errors you voted into office. I even feel sorry for Eric Holder even though he has immense power over me. I don't know how much longer Americans of African ancestry are going to tolerate being talked down to by our Supreme Leader. Maybe they are not listening. But on a lighter note: We must be the laughing stock of the world - at least before the horror sets into the leaders' tiny brains and they realize America under current leadership will let them sink. Our Supreme Leader has already made it clear that he will take Islam's side so Israel must be on tender hooks. I wonder when how long before America's Christian churches will have to remove their crosses... In this upside down world nothing is too far-fetched. It happened in Milan when they were forced to remove their crucifixes from the walls in hospital rooms. I'll end this post with a quotation by Oriana Fallaci, the quotation was found at the blog, The Force of Reason" "In Defense of Western Civilization." She is speaking of her beloved Italy and especially Florence where she was buried. Remember at 12 she was a "freedom fighter" in Italy during WWII. From Oriana Fallaci:
"The Muslims refuse our culture and try to impose their culture on us. I reject them and this is not only my duty toward my culture but to my values, my principles, my civilization...The moment you give up your principles and your values, you are dead, your culture is dead, your civilization is dead. Period___ How are we doing with that...
Oriana Fallaci, may she rest in peace, Sept. 15 2006. If you have not read her work, you should. She was in Manhattan on 9/11 and she wrote about it as only she could.

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