Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arizona - defending their citizens and their state

Good for Arizona on their new immigration laws to remove illegal aliens from their state. Good for the citizens of Arizona no matter what ethnicity or creed. They are Americans. It is simple. We are a nation of laws that we all agree to follow or we are not a sovereign nation but a group of states in chaos. Every nation on the planet has immigration laws and Mexico enforces theirs with armed troops on their southern border. The armed troops on their northern border are or seem to be helping the drug cartels. How many elected folks in Mexico are getting drug money kick-backs? And California boycotting Arizona. Well, we knew California was no longer a part of the United States. Their citizens have no protect from the police their taxes pay for. It is rumored that 12,000 American citizens are killed or maimed by illegal immigrants each and every year in the United States. It is about darn time that at least one state starts defending its citizens. Good for the governor of Arizona. The federal government has long since stopped defending our borders or protecting us from the crime invading us from Mexico. What? you think every illegal immigrant just comes here like Mary Poppins looking for an honest day's work? Our federal government should be ashamed. The thing is that in Arizona, the illegal immigrants don't discriminate about whom they hurt. In Arizona and in other states, U.S. citizens are fair game. It's open season against U.S. citizens in Arizona. I'm glad one state has elected folks who will enforce the oath they swore to up-hold. I'll bet there is not ONE leader of any other nation who is afraid of our president or who believes that our president will defend this nation. Our president will get good press and the leaders in others nations must love the way he bows and scrapes before them. But watch out when the rubber meets the road and the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists hit us again. Mark my words. We'll be clamped down under martial law so fast we won't know what hit us. It is not the terrorists we have to fear. It is the "crisis" they will create that will put us in irons. On earning "too much" money. I wonder if the president has a cap that he won't go over... Political correctness has nearly destroyed this nation and our ability to discuss issues crucial to our collective survival as a nation of American citizens. These issues have an impact upon us all and the issues are color-blind. When martial law comes, it will be heavy. Why? Because the only thing our elected people in Washington seem to "fear" are the citizens beyond the beltway. I don't know what will have to happen to knock some sense back into us so that we will understand that we are Americans and most of the rest of the world wants to see us fall. From the behavior coming out of Washington, I don't think the rest of the world could ask for more help than they have in D.C. One woman's opinion but I think Islamic terrorists would be nuts to attack us. Right now they are in the driver's seat and can get anything they want out of the current administration and the current congress. Do you think the current administration would lift a finger to defend Israel? The United States border? You and me in our homes? Don't put any money on it. I don't want to predict how power-hungry the folks in D.C. are. And as average citizens, we have no way of knowing the harm they have already done to us. Just wait until you are denied medical care or denied the right procedures. A friend of mine is from Britain and a friend of hers watched her mother die because the dispensers of health care denied her mother a procedure that could have saved her life. The friend and her husband even offered to pay for the procedure when they learned about it but no, they were not allowed to do that either. Her mother died for need of care under their universal health care program. I don't know what will save us and I don't know how much unraveling has to occur to undo the webs that are being spun for us. We've been falling for a long time but the Progressives never sleep and now they are at the helm. Just remember, "there is no free lunch..." If it is free for you it is being stolen off the plate of someone else... It's all about government controlling us from cradle to grave... So, hooray for the governor and legislature of Arizona. All of her United States citizens are safer tonight...


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