Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day of prayer - unconstitutional after 200 years?

Well, to be fair, I found this at the Drudge Report: White House will fight for day of prayer. Mr. Obama may have lied on a number of things but he hasn't lied when he said he would always stand with the Islamists or was it just Muslims. And shame on the military for not allowing Frank Graham to speak. We have now seen two Christian men with strong voices silenced because they told the truth about some aspects or deeds perpetrated in the name of Islam. Christians have done some bad things too for goodness sake and we know about that through history and through our president who cannot stop apologizing for us. I say, keep our money home then. Now to the silencing of two strong voices: The first was Pope Benedict XVI (I think that's correct) and now Frank Graham, the son of the great Billy Graham. I tell you now, a time will come when Christians will have to stand up to the Islamists. They will push their hatred of us upon us and use that hatred against our elected officials. It is fair to say that all Muslims are not Islamists. We have freedom of religion in the United States and until recently, we had freedom of speech. Political correctness stifles much speech but now we have no freedom of speech when it comes to speaking the truth about some violent acts carried out under the name of Islam. Will Muslims stand with Christians and Jews in America to defend our freedoms or have those freedoms already been burned in the ashes of history. How far will the Islamists push? When will we be forced to remove the crosses from our churches? When will we no longer be allowed to wear crosses in America? There is no freedom of religion within Islamic Regimes, not as we think of it. You can have your religion, you can have your churches but you will pay a tax and you are not allowed to repair your church. A day will come when you will be forced to defend our nation and our freedoms. We will be forced to defend ourselves. I do not support violence but what or how do you defend your family and your nation's U.S. Constitution? We have just seen that our president denigrates Israel's leaders at the White House. Do you think he will defend Israel? No, he is more likely to bomb Israel if Israel defends herself from the threat of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mad Jad will push and push until Israel has no choice and then cry that he was attacked by the mean Israelis. God help us! This will have to be played out and a time may come when we have no choice in defending ourselves. Would you stand with Israel or Iran? We know where our president will stand. But it looks like he might stand up for a day of prayer. Muslims pray too so I think if a bunch of Muslims got together and raised holy heck, the Day of Prayer would stand.


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