Thursday, April 29, 2010

In Italy, "aborted" baby boy abandoned by doctors

baby boy survives for nearly two days after abortion. In Italy, a baby boy who was left as waste was found covered by a sheet or cloth. The baby boy survived the abortion. Nearly two days after his tiny body was put aside as waste, a priest who had come to say a prayer over the "aborted" fetus, found the baby boy alive covered by a cloth. In the United States of America, since 1973, we have killed or aborted approximately 53,000,000 (53 million babies who would have had full protection under our laws as American citizens had they been allowed to live.) I do believe that I have been fortunate not to have to have made that type of a decision and I cannot speak to the issues of incest and rape. I can only speak to the 53 million unborn American citizens who we have killed under our "abortion on demand" laws. I cannot speak to how many men who have gone unpunished for raping young girls. Look at this in the context of American citizens killed before they had a chance. I do believe that abortion may be the only answer in some cases but abortion should never be used as "birth control" in such a wanton manner. We have many forms of birth control available. Taking the life of an as yet pre-born American citizen seems like something we will eventually have to pay for. A nation - its character and its values - it is said can be judged upon how that nation treats the most helpless among it; that would be our pre-born infants and our elderly. How much of a chance do you think a Senior citizen has of getting good medical care if a bureaucrat determines from a check-list that the Senior is of no more value to the society? It sickens me that young girls have been raped, gotten pregnant, and then suffered the impact of an abortion. Abortion is not about destroying a few cells. It is about taking a life. Read the article referenced - H/T Matt Drudge. How cold and callous have we become. To wantonly kill our pre-borns. I wonder what we are doing to our young women, our young girls. Aren't they abused again. A friend of mine had an abortion years ago. She shared the experience with me and she says she has never been able to get beyond the fact that she had what would have been "her only son" aborted. We have to do a better job at teaching our young people the value of human life. I don't want these young girls "punished with a baby" as our president says. But a baby should not be viewed as punishment. We have to find a way to our higher principles. We have it in us; we have to find it again. I freely admit that I have not had to make this decision. This post is not intended to blame anyone for the decisions they may have had to make. I just believe we can find a better way than essentially destroying what would amount to 2 thirds of the legal population of California since 1973. The main thing the Communists did was destroy the family because, in the United States for a very long time, the family has been our greatest unit of strength. Destroy the family and you begin to erode the foundation of our nation. We need to appreciate that a fetus is not a redwood tree. We protect them. A human fetus is a human being at a given degree of prenatal development. If allowed to live, it will only become a human being. I have wondered how long we will be allowed to kill so many of our young before we begin to understand that that embryo is a human being, a person; that it is the most defenseless among us; it is someone's child, someone's grandchild. True, we need better education for our young people and we need more responsible young men who will not abandon their children. Our children need to know that actions have consequences and we need to teach them as best as we can the value of human life to us and to the future of our nation. Read the article and realize that perhaps in Italy, Scott Peterson would not be in prison for taking the lives of two people - his wife and his unborn, 8 months into gestation but already named, son. I cannot reconcile that if Lacy Peterson had had a late-term abortion no "murder" would have been involved but when she was murdered by her husband, he was convicted of a double murder, killing two people. I don't know how we can have it both ways. If "Connor" had been aborted he would have somehow been less of a human...of less value because it was the mother's choice? Somewhere in a Catholic prayer there are the words, "Lord have mercy..." We need mercy.


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