Friday, March 19, 2010

Pelosite Revolution of March 21, 2010 in USA

This is the Sunday we have all been waiting for. The president of the United States will sign into law a "deemed" approved bill that will be sent to him through unconstitutional thuggery by the Speaker of the House. Not too far removed from a lady reputed as having said, "Let them eat cake," Ms. Pelosi said, "We won, we'll do what we want to do with legislation and so she shall the Queen of Napa fruits and vines run by egomaniacs. Here's a problem as I see it in addition to all of the others surrounding the backroom deals being made by Mr. Obama in the style to which he is accostumed. It is embarrassing that our first mullatto president is so ashamed of the nation. But we have to accept the responsibility for him being the president and "hold it." We don't have to do it again and we can get rid of every Representative and Senator who supports his shredding of the U.S. Constitution. Sounds like I'm whining. Well, sure enough. I knew the 2008 presidential election would be based on skin color - shame on us. Maybe after he's through killing off seniors of all skin colors, we'll all realize that it is his ideology, Stupid. An ideology that relies upon us being stupid with regard to how our government is supposed to work and being too stupid to do the hard work to oppose him. I'm rather glad it is Obama we put into office so that everyone of all skin tones can see that he is willing to put our lives in jeopardy regardless of the color of our skin or "religion". But the Republicans let the thugs in the Democrat gangs get away with unconstitutional tricks all of the time. Stand up and keep 'em in line or charge them with treason. I think it is a high crime to pass legislation that will lead to the deaths of millions of Americans simply through denial of health care. How about this? Vote "yes" and say goodbye to your freedom, go to jail, and have all of your congressional goodies for life taken away. Check the web site for Mark Levine. We must act non-violently as we look down the barrel of the gun Congress and the President are point at us leaving us with no defense except capitulation. Well, we can do more than that. We can become active in local politics and we an vote the criminals out in 2010. Some Senators are not even running again - why? Because their constituents have "got their number". To me there's no redemtion for anyone voting "yes" on Sunday. We should never let up on them and we should impeach them or in some other ways bring lawsuits against them for violating their oaths to us and behaving fraudulently. The Pelosites and the Bamaites are charting new courses and even they do not know what results their behavior will bring. When they give American citizenship to folks who come from countries where unrest and rebellion are the norm, what will pelosi be bringing into our nation of laws led by a "lawless" CONGRESS????



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