Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Obama: from a shrink's eye view

The following post at Pesky Emotional Republican: A practicing psychiatrist analyzes Barack Hussein Obama is well worth your time. I don't think the shrink goes into quite enough detail because I believe the "patient" in question has rather more disorders than the shrink discussed unless the others I see are really just shared manifestations or aspects within the shrink's analysis.
The analysis was listed in Larwyn's Linx (see my sidebar) which are compiled for us each day by Doug at Director Blue. Larwyn is busy gathering posts and news from around the blogosphere and sharing it with us, alerting us and sometime making us laugh. With the far-left, you have to laugh to keep your sanity. We have to take what they do and try to force upon us and our children seriously but we have to laugh at them because they area so enthralled with their power and pronouncements. In the words of San Fran Botox Nan: "We won; we'll write the legislation! Period..." "And we'll negotiate with terrorist-sponsoring nations any time we want too cause they dress like we did in Haight-Ashbury when we were rolling our own..." As President Obama stated we've bent over backwards for Iran. Maybe that is not what the Ayatollahs wanted. Hummm..... Well, tomorrow is Feb. 11, 2010. Let's see what the Ayatollah, the Supreme Leader of Iran, has in store for the West. I hope Israel doesn't jump the gun and attack because that is just what the whining mullahs want. A worrisome little detail off topic: By the way, as an aside, many of us in the West, myself included speak of Islam as an over-reaching monotheistic belief system/political ideology in the form of a theocracy shared by all folks who say they are Muslims. I was reading a report out of Pakistan last night which seemed to contradict that perspective. It seems there are so many "sects" of Islam it would make your head spin and it seems that each and every sect has its own specific leader descended from the former leader and so on and so forth. It is almost as though every mosque is its own sect. It was easy to put folks into pigeon holes: Islamists and non-violent Muslims; all grouped together as violent and non-violent followers of the "same" ideology but that just isn't so, is it... Gotta work with this one for a while. I know there are all sorts of protestant religious sects and various ideologies within Republicans but swooping all Muslims under the same umbrella may not be the way to think about them or Islam. I don't know...just don't know. I do know that Muslims who do not support Iran's current regime are being imprisoned as I type as a run-up to the 2/11 "celebration". I wonder if Jimmy Carter was invited. Will he ever be replaced as the second to worst president we have ever had?


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