Friday, February 12, 2010

Khomenie: Huff and puff and blow your house down

Well, the Ayatollah Khomenie, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Police State of Iran following the 7th Century interpretations of the Qur'an is beating his chest about Iran now being a nuclear nation while at the same time beating and imprisoning dissidents there at home who are speaking out against the illegal regime of Mad Jad, the muppet. Does that come as a surprise to anyone? Now does it? Remember, his Supreme Excellency is taunting and goading Israel into a pre-emptive strike. He knows the United States under his Supreme Excellency BHO only supports dictators and theocratic leaders/thugs (same as dictators) so that Israel will receive no support from the United States' current administration with blessedly only three more years to go give or take a few days. We are in interesting times. Being human, however, we have no idea which way things will go. We are as much at the mercy of fate as we have ever been except for the times when we had leaders in the world, men as well as women, who had courage and who know how to stand before bullies in the world's playgroud dad are out for the evening. "Trash the house." Peace to the youth and elderly in Iran who are fighting the MAD regime and peace to the Israelis and the Arabs who live amongst them. ayatollah and those other badboy selves. May the IDF be on alert and do what has to be done to secure peace in the Middle East. Now throwing sand in their eyes ses a bit of good old jolly good funand for the PC crowd: Camels have rights took nes paws too juch for the water torture guys. Way too m. I'm just waiting to see who starts the pre-emptive "bombing first: Israel or Tehran. being the bully on the play ground and whopping the stuffings out of them 0uld over-reach Islamists fundamentalist terrorist or nations supporting same effortssuch terrorist-agenda seemingly of our president and his State Department Hillary should consider practicing her iniversals "Negro" dialect.

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