Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is "No vote allowed" a treasonable act by Nancy Pelosi?

As just one woman who loves our nation and sees our United States Constitution as the "law of the land", I'm a bit confused at how far afield Congressmen and other such elected folks who take an Oath of office to uphold the Constitution against all ENEMIES, foreign and domestic can go before they have participated in and/or committed treasonable acts in violation of our U.S. Constitution before "we the people" can hold them accountable and impeach them? Plus punish them with more than loss of a "congressional" seat?
I know we are not a Parliamentary government. We are a Representative Republic with a Constitution including rights that we have as individuals. I'll bet you that you won't find "national health care run by anyone and especially NOT the federal government in there but I digress.
I'm just asking; is it Constitutionally LEGAL for The Speaker of the House to wave her magic wand, snap it for flair, and point it to the TV cameras, "I am glad to announce to the American people that that the House and Sent agreed this has gone on too lone, the discussion has gone on long egough Don't have enough "econcilian votes in the House so the Senate's gonna let us use a few of vew of his 'Yes" showing true biparticipanship among our friends across the aisile.
Democrats though! A Shout out yo B;ue Does and others. President has signed the Over-thrown of the Health Care and may be signing your "plug certificate to - get in right on this for the American people and fighting that defecit." Oh yeah, that judegship gift was nice, the Louisiana money to keep those riverboats a steaming was a nice touch too.
If Nancy Pelosi just waves her magic wand and states or DEEMS the legislation voted on by the Senate as "passed" by the Congress as well although it was not; then sends that non-legislation to the President for his signature; has she as Speaker of the House of Representatives committed a "TREASONABLE ACT?" If yes, is there a Statute of Limitations on TREASONABLE ACTS committed by such elected officials? That's funny - a few of the tricks in the McCain-fiendgold Campaign legislation - passed by the House and Senate and signed by President George Bush was "unconstitutional" but rather than fix that up-front, the elected boys and girls passed what they knew was unconstitutional and sent it on to the Supreme Court to smack their hands and so on....
The passage of said legislation was a treasonable act arguably. Any news on when the two primary Senators are going to face the music and have to dend their "treasonable" actions taken? No, I won't hold my breath.
But, aside from not re-electing them which they don't give much of a hoot about, can't we at least impeach them and take away all the goodies they have built into their "golden parachutes" salary for life (and they had the gaul to question executives); the best health care provided in the world probably any place in the world. And of course that handy salary increase they get every year, no voting: Some UNION contract they have just legislated into being over the years for themselves. Some smarties, you betcha but it's 'Death Panels/denial of coverage gestapoes for us"

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