Thursday, February 11, 2010

Against Climate Change, Iran goes NUCLEAR

As anyone with a couple of brain cells working together can tell you, the climate changes daily and sometimes by the hour; from the great movie Bull Durham, the team manager even said, "Sometimes ya get to play ball, sometimes ya don't, and sometimes ya just get rained out." (paraphrase) My question is and always has been, "Just how much money is the Honorable Algore raping, I mean making, from his 'climate change' boondoggle." Good gracious, like Abe Lincoln said, "Ya can fool some of the people all the time"... ya just got to build a better mouse trap and dumb down the education system. Whooeee! The New York Times has a great article - there I said it - Climate-Change Debate is heating up in Deep Freeze written by John M. Broder. Just when man gets himself all arrogant and puffed up to pass crippling legislation like CAP and TRADE to destroy the nation God founded, God slaps the scientists around the head and shoulders a bit and says, "Dummkopfs." And then the scientists, hedging their bets, promise us more snow! On to scary Iran... And big surprise, Iran says it is enriching uranium - now is that news to anyone? Really? Here's a good article with plenty of pictures as well as a link to an Obama statement: Iran Revolution day protests: squelched; Islamic Republic now nuclear state. Obama's statement here. Mad men or not, you have to hand it to the Ayatollah and the other Islamists terrorists who plan and who work to destroy the West; they are telling us about their plans and they are telling as they reach the various levels of goals along the path toward their ultimate objective. When are we going to start listening and acting instead of "talking?" These mad men don't need "talking" or "negotiation"; they need what they are giving to their own citizens who are fighting against them in the streets of Iran. These mad men need no sanctions that hurt all of the people; these men need:
  • to be rounded up,
  • to be imprisoned for crimes, hate crimes against the world, "thoughts and opinions" you remember Holland?,
  • to have the nuclear locations destroyed, and ...
then a balance of sanity and democratic republics not based upon Sharia Law instituted so that the people can have freedom to worship as they desire but can have freedom before a just law that treats people of any sect of religio-politico Islam or other religious faith fairly. All things being equal, does anyone argue that the energy spent dithering about "climate change" is well-spent given that Iran has every chance of beating the "climate" at changing the world in a more timely fashion? Since "climate change" is naturally occurring and Iran's Ayatollahs are creations of Jimmy Carter, I'd bet on the Ayatollahs making the most planetary change more quickly if given the chance.

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