Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Obama to negotiate with Iran, not with Republicans

Another day of "As the World Turns around Obama's Universe" with another tale of "it's all about me"...and teleprompters.
Isn't it funny, I mean laughable, that the President of the United States will negotiate with the Mad Mullahs of Iran, the folks who warn us as the Qur'an requires that Israel will be annihilated BUT our very own president will NOT negotiate with Republicans right here at home? Perhaps he is unable to discuss matters with Republicans because their points are cogent and defend Americans.
Or maybe it's just simply that his mores are more in line with those of the dictators, theocratic rulers of Iran than with the folks here at home who , oh say, want to follow the U.S. Constitution and have good arguments for doing so?
Read what William A. Jacobson has to say in his post Negotiations without preconditions for Iran, but not for Republicans.
Mr. Obama may simply have leanings that are more sympathetic to radical fundamentalist Islamists/aka Islamic terrorists than he has with Americans whom he has sworn to defend and protect. I don't know.
We'll see soon as Feb. 11, 2010 draws down upon us. Are the sights of the Iranian Crescent taking aim on Israel? Are their little North Korean buddies working in concert with their supporters within the Iranian Islamic government?
Do the Russians really want bombs going off just because we have a president whom some perceive as weak? I don't think he's weak at all. He's just in step with the Marxist and Islamic ideology of a "one world government."
To be fair so are former Presidents Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II. The only difference perhaps is who will control that "one world government" because now that radical Islamic leaders have put their cards on the table and their money in the pot, once cannot tell at this point just who will control that "one world government." Perhaps George Soros? Or maybe Soros just has a Plan or Option III.


Blogger Always On Watch said...

Ahmadinejad could be bluffing about February 11, but I wouldn't count on it, particularly because of the unrest in Iran with his regime. He wants to consolidate his power by, at the least, showing off, thereby showing that it is the will of Allah that he and the mullahs reign supreme.

Other Presidents have also been one-worlders. But BHO is pushing that agenda forward more than the others did -- woe to America.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

AOW, it isn't Mad Jad who issued the statements most recently. It is the Ayatollah Khomenei, the Supreme Leader, who made the threats. In Islam, I understand that one must warn one's enemy three times before carrying out the act.

Many Iranians who do not support the illegal regime of Mad Jad have been recently imprisoned so that on 2/11 the people who are not in jail will appear to support the regime.

And a big old "thank you" to Jimma Cartar! I wonder if Obama will replace Jimma as the very worst president our Republic has ever had, bar none.

3:25 PM  

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