Friday, March 19, 2010

Death March to tyranny through chains of "health care"

Don't want to take too long. You know what is going on. Right? Denial of health care to Seniors with heart disease and/or cancer. But the health care bill will be a "job creator" or so I understand it. Heard tonight that the IRS will be tasked with assessing through our records to determine if we have the health insurance that meets the government imposed standards. Jobs you ask? Why yes! Seems the IRS will need to hire 14 to 16,000 more folks to track down each of us and determine if we have acceptable health care. And YOU thought it was free????? Yep, estimated 12,000 dollars or more cost in premiums to families of four and if that's a little difficult, you and I as tax payers get to subsidize the cost of their premiums. I said months ago that this health care bill was a pay off to the insurance companies. Hummm.... How does one say - Dictator = why everybody knows: Hugo Chavez. The big vote/non-vote may occur on Sunday. On Tuesday we need to begin working to throw out every congressman who voted for it. And keep in mind; once the precident is set, it's just a few thousand sheets of paper and presto-change-o Obama's aunt here illegally will join the other 20 to 30 million illegals and become American citizens who will naturally get "health care" The good news for businesses once again from the Democrat administration is that they will no longer have to provide good "health care to attract talented employees.


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