Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Burqa: the shroud of death in Turkey and the world

Phyllis Chesler has posted Buried alive in Turkey - and under the burqa in Front Page Magazine.
And Turkey is to become a member of the EU? Why not? With the shameful Stalinist-like show trial of Geert Wilders, seems Turkey would be right at home with the current Sharia-compliant court of Holland.
But now.... This link will give you access to videos about a Muslim man beheading his wife in New York and other assorted atrocities committed against women in the name of the ideology that is called Islam. And then a few images.
Where are the NOW women in America protesting the burqa in America? Where the women in the days of "Equal Rights for Women" today? Defending women who follow Islam from the slavery and tyranny that makes them, these women, non-persons. No. The so-called feminists are silent and no equal for the ideology of Islam that would enslave them too for their Islamic-defined wicked ways, let's not even mention morals, let's just keep it to "speaking" out against the inequalities of society.
For more understanding of the burqa, see Origins of the Burqa. The burqa is NOT of Islamic origin. It was worn for centuries long before Islam came upon the scene in the 600s. The burqa and other assorted body coverings were used as a practical necessity by Bedouins and other nomadic people to protect them from the sands and from the heat.
"For women only the masking of the face and the body was used when one group was being raided by another group. These raids often included the taking of women of child-bearing age...." The burqa was used as a defense or deceptive measure to make it more difficult for the raiders to identify which among the women were of child-bearing age...
Interesting and now ideology has used the burqa as a symbol of bondage. Where are the NOW gals now? Same place they were when Juanita Broderick had been told to "put some ice on it."
Two young women, born in America, but daughters to a Muslim father, were killed by him in Dallas, Texas because they had cowboy boyfriends up in Amarillo or close to that area. The father no doubt fled the country.
Americans owe it to the memory of these two young girls and to all of our citizens to protect them from an ideology that condones - and maybe even commands - the killing/murdering of women. How can we do any less?


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