Saturday, March 20, 2010

Does Pelosi set stage for Obama lawless take-over of USA ? 3/21/2010

H/T to Matt Drudge: Dictatorship assured" through unconstitutional passage of the "massive" health care non-reform. Also, please visit Mark Lavine for more information on the lawsuit that may be pursued against Mr. Obama and Czarina Pelosi. As one lady reputedly stated several centuries ago, "let them eat cake." Ms. Pelosi the Queen of the Napa Fruit and vines, "we won. They don't like so let the die through the denial of health care. We are creating thousands of IRS jobs for the purpose of intimidating American citizens to be forced to buy a national health care they don't want. We'll use the same procedure to give citizenship to millions of illegal aliens. Now the problem as I see it is that our constitution has never before come under such afrontrey and the American people have never been so blatantly attack by their own government. Please see Mark Levine's website and please call or e-mail your Congressmen. A few have not been bought yet by the thugs in the White House. The only uproar is occurring because "we the people" are making our voices in opposition to the facist Pelosi or the soon to-be dictator Obama. No one who has skated through on affirmative action as the new Messiah has likes criticism. Pretty soon I would imagine that after an Islamic fundamentalist attack on American soil He'll declare martial law to put us under more jack=booted control but we may still have a chance to vote out the cowards and the folks who do not support their constituents. The bloom is off the rose for our first mulatto president. I hope next go around if we have another presidential election we will not feel that having a given skin color or anatomy such as a vagina which is necessary for the Supreme Court will become issues that no longer matter and actual merit and qualifications count more than ethnicity or gender. It took Michelle Obama decades to become proud of America. Thanks to Massa Obams out to kill me through unconstitutional legislation, it's only taken my less than a year to become very embarrassed for our nation. The laughing-spck of the world. Fortunately, his daughters will only learn of how wretched he is, usurping Jimma Carter as the worst president we have ever had. Obama does have his own spot though as the "most dangerous" president we have had thus far. He says he won't mind being a one-term president just to fulfill his agenda. That is probably his biggest lie to the American people thus far but he does have three more years to go so there's time for lots and lots more lies. To me he is a man without character as Ted Garner write in a cartoon in the Washington Times. Obama is a man in an empty suit. I just hope and pray that he'll keep flying in to help candidates such a Babs Boxer in California. Good going "no coat-tails Barry! A bloodless coup? Not really, you will pay with your lives when you are denied medical care for cancer and heart disease if you are Senior citizens. It is your blood that will pay for the reductions in cost in Medicare. When the government takes over health care and creates the dracula they have created. I promise you that the government then has no interest whatsoever in keeping you alive. In fact under such a system, it becomes you/our duty to die and give whatever is left of our respective "estates" or inheritance we have managed to save over to the government. Another way of looking at the "health care" reform is that it is effectively another way of having us killed off sooner so that the government can more easily go after our hard=earned money we have left for our children. It would not surprise me to learn that the government has already gone through our taxes and tried to determine just exactly how many Seniors must de denied health care over a given period of time in order to re-coup and estimated amount of money for their coffers. I don't know exactly when I began to become disillusioned with our government but all the Czars and some of his appointments of some of his "can't waste a crisis folks" plus the dragging out of the much loved Hillary Care but January 20th 2009 is a good place to start but in all fairness it started much sooner than that... Hail to the Czar; Hail to Obama, like Stalin - our Supreme Leader. Didn't Stalin get rid of a lot of his citizens? Yes, but he didn't hide behind unconstitutional legislation to do it. He just took'em out and shot them. Sunday's coming. Pray for our nation and know that God will bless this nation if and when we start behaving like vigilant, informed grown up. Take care and remember to call. Abstain from any violent, lawless behavior to defend yourself. Get active in local politics and vote against those who clearly hate us.

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Blogger Early Light said...

"Now the problem as I see it is that our constitution has never before come under such afrontrey and the American people have never been so blatantly attack by their own government."

The Constitution has been getting enforced or ignored as convenient for a couple of decades now that I know of. To suggest that Clinton paid any more attention to it than our Constitutional scholar Obama is worthy of ridicule. It pains me to say it, but Bush-43 wasn't much better.

10:05 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Early Light - please don't ridicule me too harshly. I agree with you regarding Bush-43. Following in the footsteps of the Congressman or Senator who claimed that he voted for Clinton twice and it was an act he would carry with shame. I too voted for Bush-43 twice and I have castigated him on some of his policies but I wish, just for my own personal integrity, that I had voted for someone else the second time around or written in another person.

If you come back here, know that I am having a difficult time writing at my blog - a friend says it is "cognitive dissonance" that has a hold of me. Much worse than Alice through the looking glass.

7:45 AM  

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