Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sen. Ben Nelson may teach us about States' Rights

From Haystack Commentary, we have a nice little post reminding us that at least the Attorney Generals from 13 states are demanding or fighting for States' Rights when it comes to Sen. Ben Nelson's unconstitutional and sweetheart deal with the Obama Stealth Administration:  Senator Ben Nelson to Republican lawyers, call off the dogs.
I say, Bring 'em on!  
I say let's go a step or two farther down the road to States' Rights relative to Federal unfunded mandates and get our State delegates, senators, and governors to pass legislation that the States - individually or  combined - will enter into partnerships to save their citizens from increased State taxes to pay for Federal unfunded mandates.  
The Federal government is becoming so intrusive into our lives - the lives of those of us who are law-abiding - that perhaps the Federal government needs to be reminded that they "work" for us in accordance with the very few duties and responsibilities as set forth in the once meaningful U.S. Constitution.
They turn enemy Islamic fundamentalist battlefield combatants into "civilian criminals" and they turn Americans in wards of the Federal government.  They refuse to defend us from the drug lords and illegals swamping our Ship of State and they make us "criminals" who must put a finger print and other info on our Drivers' Licenses.
Talk about a topsy-turvy up-side down world.
Yes, the States Attorneys General should continue on their path to show the true color of Sen. Ben Nelson's spine.
And, if ever in power again, the Republicans MUST grow some balls and spines to be as tough on the Democrat leadership (cough) as those folks are being on the American people.  The Democratic leadership and the Stealth Administration are as intent on destroying us as "you know who but shall remain nameless."  Not to be outdone, I'd bet on the Democrat leadership for the immediate future.
Thanks to Democrats from Bill Clinton to Ben Nelson and others, Americans may learn what's in our U.S. Constitution the hard way.  If you don't have a copy, you can get one from the Heritage Foundation or from the Cato Institute.  


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