Saturday, January 16, 2010

Freedom of Speech at USC: Horowitz under armed guard

If you want to speak the truth at USC and that truth is challenged by the Muslim Student Union, the administrators of the university may allow you to speak but in America today, you will need armed guards.
That's right. Armed guards to protect your person. The following is a link to a speech made by David Horowitz at USC under armed guard for protection: The Anti-Semite Jihad on campus my night at USC.
We owe it to ourselves to read this speech or view the link to the video. Unless a person practices Islam, he is an infidel and subject to the same fundamentalist Islamic Jihad against all of our freedoms here in the West. The Muslim Brotherhood is very active in America today.
Please take a few minutes and read the speech; then pick up the phone or fax the Dutch Embassy or Consulate nearest to you to support the Freedom of the Honorable Geert Wilders.
Link to Dutch Embassies found here and at Dutch Embassies.
The trial of the Honorable Geert Wilders, beginning January 20, 2010, is an embarrassment and a blemish on the Netherlands just as England not allowing him to speak before Parliament was an embarrassment and demonstrated the strangle hold of extortion through riots that Islamists in England have on that nation's elected "leaders."
When will England and Holland fall under Sharia Law or have they already with elected leaders having buried their heads in the sand saying, "Not in my backyard" yet...

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