Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Reid and Hillary's mocking Southern dialect

Does Harry Reid believe in his clearly racist and stereotypical manner that all Americans who have black skin regardless of hue speak "Negro dialect" whatever that is? Does Reid think all Americans with black skin have just finished floating down the Mississippi with Tom Sawyer? Or perhaps just memorized a few sections of Gone with the Wind? Mercy, Miss Scarlet, I didn't know how much trouble we are in with folks like Harry Reid running the Senate.
As a point of clarification Southern white folks speak Harry Reid's "Negro dialect" and Hillary's Southern dialect too.
It is clear that Republicans and/or Conservatives in general and specifically are held to a much higher standard than those tired, old Democrat politicians.
Governor George Allen and macaca said in jest from his own childhood would be president of the United States today if he were a Democrat.
Trent Lott in a tribute to Strom Thurmond whom I cannot defend because I know very little of Senator Thurmond's political background.
More examples exist that demonstrate that Republicans and Conservatives can be whipped with the ugly stick of "political correctness" much as the Islamic political religious police whip the backs of peoples legs for unacceptable speech but...
But let's get to the real issue: bigotry, stereotypes, and mockery!
No words are out of bounds for Democrat politicians. Hillary Clinton can campaign down South in a black church or gathering of black followers just like from plantation days and cheer, "Yea Missus" as she mocks them using her version of a Southern black dialect.
Senator Big Byrd, also known as Sheets Byrd from his days dressing up and playing as an active member of the KKK, can say on the floor of the Senate something to the effect of, "I've know white niggers....." and the news media hardly bats an eye. Certainly no rolling of the eyes or tisking or reprimanding of the disgusting but ever so highly praised Senator with his free pass. And...
The wrongly esteemed Senator Harry Reid who is willing to place his head on a platter and sacrifice his political ambitions for his messiah to advance the Administration's heinous agenda makes interesting comments about the color of Mr. Obama's skin and Mr. Reid takes heat for a nanosecond and those leading the parade of the double-standard march on into infamy. And of course Democrats close ranks around Reid for commenting on Obama's "light skin" color and Obama making the choice not to speak in a "Negro dialect".
Pah-lease! Obama is half white through no choice of his own and he was brought up by a white woman from Kansas and later by white grandparents who got him into the very best schools in Hawaii where they are probably a tad short of American "Negro dialect" whatever that is and then who knows who sent him to Harvard and wherever else. Your dialect is a matter of you upbringing when you are learning your language as a child.
Obama didn't have a chance to learn whatever Harry Reid is calling a "Negro dialect" and just so he'll know Americans with black skin do not all speak the same dialect - it is a regional thing that's why it is called a "dialect."
And Harry Reid is in charge of matters of life and death over us with this health care death trap. Good gawd a'mighty!
I don't know how many folks in Indonesia speak with an American "Negro dialect." People whom I know who are from Africa's west coast have "darker skin" but they have an English accent that would put all of us to shame for its elegance. Folks who are of African ancestry in England speak in elegant English, British accent/dialect and all. Good grief. Obama didn't make a choice unless it was a choice not to learn a dialect or certainly not to imitate a dialect or mock one as Hillary did.
Reid's comments are those of a very ignorant or possibly a very ignorant and racist man. I have a Southern dialect and my skin tone is lighter than Mr. Obama's; Harry Reid has the dialect of most folks in Nevada. Good gracious, Reid is racist or just stupid or most likely both; either way he belongs out of the Senate, talk about biased and stereotypical regional bias and hatred.
Actually, it is good that Republicans and Conservatives must follow a higher standard unlike Democrats and race-baiters who can castigate anyone especially non-Hispanic white folks and non-Hispanic white Christians with impunity.
The double-standard makes the differences more clear. But Reid's profound lack of knowledge about language acquisition in early childhood is curious.
We Americans of all political leanings and all physical types must remember in November 2010 those who denigrate all of us through their patronizing and we must use all non-violent means at our disposal to 'bring them down.'
God bless you and God bless America. We're gonna need all the help we can get. Get on your knees every night and plead for our survival.
And if ya'll can do it, find a legal way to get as many of your dollars as possible into gold, silver, or other currency 'cause I fear someone is getting ready to slam the hammer and sickle down...


Blogger Colette said...

I love when politicians like reid slip up and say something stupid- it shows just how out of touch they really are. Imagine what he says behind closed doors if he says this kind of ignorant tripe in public. I thought the left was the compassionate, minority defender party; well now we know just what senator reid thinks about the very people he claims to be advocating. I just saw a great anti-reid anti-health care t-shirt at it out for a good laugh!

12:44 PM  
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