Friday, January 15, 2010

Small Business survival in 2010 vs Obama's Czars

Rules for Radicals vs The American Small Business Owner:
I admit that I know little to nothing about the workings of small businesses, but I believe in our small businesses and in the fact that they and others who work in the private sector make our nation run.
My suggestion is that of Mark Levine - stay in touch with your customer base, focus on maintaining your business, and from my point of view, don't expand into an inventory that can wipe you out. You are the engine that runs America; we need you.
You've had your business for awhile. You know best how to keep yourself going. As I said, don't overstock, keep in touch with your customers, and provide the best service and especially the best follow-up service that you can. That is where the repeat customers come from.
It is that follow-up service that keeps your customers coming back and that keeps them referring your business to their friends thus generating more customers for you.
We'll get through this Administration with its Czars - who need to be challenged as unconstitutional at the very least - and however much our president and the Democrat extremist leadership want to favor unions and crush small business and the middle class with their draconian "death care/denial of care to Seniors who have spent their lives paying into a system that Congress used as a slush fund, in the words of Martin Luther King - "We shall overcome!"
We start in the Election of 2010 and we literally throw the bums in their fancy suits with their pensions and health care for life OUT. Wouldn't you really rather see a person who believes in and follows the U.S. Constitution as Speaker of the House than San Fran Botox Nan up there anymore?
Obama seems to want to crush this nation and our "can do" spirit under - so far - a 20 trillion dollar debt out into the future. That doesn't just end "small business" and turn us into the Obama Collective, that turns us into wards of the Marxist State under the teachings of Saul Alinsky whom Hillary Clinton reveres as well. And two more references: Saul Alinsky, The Democratic Promise and Rules for Radicals.
Obama isn't making this up as he goes along; he's following the Alinsky playbook and we are the pawns.
Obama has signs of Christianity covered when he speaks; it's time we remember that his "change we can believe in" is or seems to be a Marxist-Communist ideology under the Rules for Radicals written by Saul Alinsky. We know we cannot change his belief system. We saw and heard it loud and clear under the tutelage of Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr.
We can stop it and weaken his power in the Elections of 2010. True he still will have his Executive Orders, the pets of former President Bill Clinton, or the Signing Statements of former President George W. Bush - but everything that is done to wreck our nation and to steal our liberties and to crush us under unthinkable debt CAN BE UNDONE by honest men and women in our next Congress.
We are Americans. We did not fight our American Revolution to form a One World Government. We only bow to God, not to man. We can - non-violently - beat the draconian push into slavery and early death through denial of medical care that seems to be the goal of our Esteemed Leader.
How about this transparent government behind the doors of Obama's Stealth Administration?
For many of us, our leader is God. For me, it is God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit - "God in three persons, Holy Trinity" as the verse from a hymn goes reminding us that our one God manifested Himself to us and walked among us. I'm not well-versed as a theologian so I'll leave it there - In God We Trust!


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