Friday, January 08, 2010

Conservatives: No. 1 Ideological Group through 2009

Gallup has done an extensive research report covering the last decade and it seems that Conservatives finish 2009 as No. 1 Ideological Group in growing trends over the previous 10 years or so.
Last night I listened to Mark Levine for a few minutes. He is calling the Obama Administration the Stealth Administration which I thought of independently and starting using myself just a few days ago. They are the Stealth Administration and counting the ways will drive a Conservative over the edge. Don't even bother.
During our recent election for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney in Virginia, I met a nice lady outside giving out literature as I too have done in the past. She said she was a Christian and an Democrat. She is also a Black American and politically fit the demographic profile just as I am a Christian and Conservative and fit that demographic profile. We were laughing together. I mentioned that we needed to sit and have coffee together. She laughed and said that would be good. I failed to get her name and number.
In the South where I live, black and white women share many of the very same conservative goals for our families and children. Putting on our labels of Conservative or Democrat, to me, only serves to say that we see different ways of reaching some but not all similar goals. I believe if black and white women in the South began talking together one-on-one, away from peer pressure on either side, we could see that we share many similarities. That too will come about.
To me, the simple cloak that covers the very big tent of Conservatives in all political "names" with all their useless differences is the Constitution of the United States. I believe that core of our being as Americans is what is touching the Tea Party Patriots as they travel from city to city. Conservatives can sometimes be vocal as they stand for their core principles but as time is showing us, Conservatives are NOT violent.
The desperation of the liberal left is showing itself devoid of "ideas" and filled with hatred and intolerance. Tea Party Patriot public assemblies - allowed by our U.S. Constitution - find their participants set-upon by far-left union thugs. Card check anyone?
Aside from our newly anointed "messiah" in his own mind, America is not a Soviet-styled Socialist/Communist nation. Americans are Conservatives where it counts. And America is a Judeo-Christian nation. Please spare me this "Judeo-Christian-Muslim" tradition stuff. Only one in that list is working vocally and violently to kill the other two and says so loud and clear in the tradition of Mohammad. Mohammad didn't come along swinging his sword for 600+ years after Jesus. Islam was spread by the sword.
I'm still waiting for the quotation from the Qu'ran that says to love your neighbors as yourselves. But in our America, a man can be Muslim and be welcomed, establish a business, and be accepted. As pointed out to me by the gentleman mentioned below, there is no nation on earth that offers such opportunities. Too bad those attributes are denigrated by our Apologizer-in-Chief.
Yesterday, I had a chat with a man from Iran. He asked me to pray for the young men and women student of Iran. I will. I also pray that if Israel finds herself in a position of attacking Mad Jad's nuclear sights that these young student will know that any such assault is NOT directed at them, at their goals for freedom, or at Iran. It will be directed at the insanity of their leadership which wants to dominate us all, them included.
Conservatism is an open declaration for the Declaration of Independence and for the Constitution of the United States. The liberal far-left extremists, whom I liken to the Islamic fundamentalist extremists - no one needs to use violence to destroy our nation as we are seeing everyday - are diabolical and intent on destroying our freedoms and our courageous will.
Whether we call ourselves conservatives, democrats, or independents - who will be called upon to take a stand - the future of our nation hangs in the balance. We are on the precipice of destruction from extremist leadership from within, leadership who swore in the Audacity of Hope to support the Muslims which means our president has made his choice which is not to uphold his Oath of Office. The Islamic fundamentalist such as those in Al Qaeda have a friend in the White House, by his very words, and the rest of us must use all NON-VIOLENT means at our disposal to stop the insanity his Stealth Administration is working mightily to force upon us.
Senator Dorgan from North Dakota is bowing out of the November Elections. Senator Ben Nelson should be too embarrassed to run again for anything, even dog catcher. What a disgrace his actions have showed him to be.
Another Congressman has changed political party affiliation.
In the Qu'ran is does say that if a geographical environment gets too stringent or too rough, the Muslims must move/relocate to more hospitable lands. Let's make the landscape a tad too hot for our liberal Democrat leadership and give them a taste of jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof.
And let's start NOW. Tea Parties put on by the Tea Party Patriots, letters, e-mails, and visits to anti-American Constitution Senators and Congressmen who "represent" us might be fun.
As Mark Levine pointed out, the BIG TENT of the Conservatives if the Constitution of the United States. Let's put a halt to the far-left, power-mad liberal/progressive leadership shredding it in our very faces hiding behind closed doors to draft the "death care" legislation and such.
If they had any integrity or shame, they should be ashamed. But they don't; to them their time is now and they'll burn us down along with our Flag and our Constitution to have their way.
Conservatives - all of us - must stand for the greatness of the United States of America and must let our Congressmen and Senators know how we feel. We also need to start at home. ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL.
Let's start including our State House of Delegates and Senators in the non-violent struggle to save our States' Rights and to save our nation.

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