Friday, January 15, 2010

UN's Global Consumer Tax - heard about that yet?

If you haven't heard about the UN's plan for a Global Consumer Tax, hop over to Crusader Rabbit and have a read: Wabbit to UN....
Not a day goes by when someone is trying to screw us upside down and backwards from old Harry Reid to the grandies of the UN. My gracious how horrid those folks are.
Around 57 or so countries are Islamic Republics many of which are sucking up our dollars through oil prices while the Democratocracy bleeds us dry every way they can. And when they get their "health care death panels", they won't have to bleed us dry, they'll just kill us like one tribe did to another in Rawanda but we elected the bumbs and we can throw them OUT like yesterday's bird poop.
Let's do that. Whatta ya say! Three more years of our Extreme Leader and one more year or so of Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, and the other scum in the Most Deliberative Body on Earth working mightily behind closed doors. Yeah - the Stealth Administration and their handmaidens - Pelosi and Reid. Tick-tock; tick-tock!
Or we could all work like crazy to pay off our homes and then quit work... It is an option.


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