Friday, January 08, 2010

Citizen Warrior's gift: Terrifying Brilliance of Islamic Memeplex

From time to time, I have written about the brilliance of Mohammad's new mouse trap that he built dressing a cradle-to-grave political ideology all fancy in "religious" robes for the men, but as time goes on and as we see and hear demonstrated before our very eyes that we have an anit-American, apologizer-in-chief, who in his writings has stated he will support the Muslims first, we much celebrate the work done by so many bloggers, not the least of which is Citizen Warrior with the MUST READ and send to all about whom you care: Terrifying brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex.
Citizen Warrior's writing is on the Islamic Memeplex is vital for us to know and appreciate. We must be ever mindful of the motivations and driving forces behind many who wish us ill.
Among many others I also want to mention Larwyn and her tireless fight. You can get a link to her compilation of works across the internet in my sidebar as a gift from Doug Ross at Director Blue.
Then work at Gates of Vienna and the Fjordman writings listed in the sidebar found at The Gates of Vienna.
More bloggers have dedicated themselves to fighting the jihad designed to destroy Western Civilization. Many can be found at EuropeNews, "No tolerance for intolerance, no apology for being free", and others can be found at the International Civil Liberties Alliance and at the International Civil Liberties Alliance among others.
Obama's Stealth Administration has more mind-numbing and teeth grinding plans ready for us just around the corner with the push for citizenship to illegal aliens and the economy crushing CAP and TRADE.
As long as he holds the House and the Senate there is little we can do to stop him at the moment but we can use all non-violent means at our disposal to thwart his diabolical, anti-freedom, and anti-American schemes - call 'em as you see 'em - and, in the 2010 elections, we can oust the rabid far-left Democrat liberal/progressive agenda.


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