Friday, January 08, 2010

CIA: Honoring our fallen heroes!

I haven't seen much about the 13 or so members of the CIA who recently lost their lives working for us in Afghanistan. Others were wounded but forgive me for not knowing the number.
Allow me to thank all of you in our clandestine services for putting your lives on the line for us. You have the courage and dedication that is lacking in our elected so-called leaders, even in our Apologizer-in-Chief. But no matter...
It is we the people whom you serve and it is we the people who rely on you. You have our own Justice Department breathing down your neck but probably very few of them have anywhere near your courage or allegiance to the United States.
Thank you and thank you to your husbands and wives and family members who mourn your loss and who see you through the tough times. As one lone American, I thank you and I do identify with the sacrifices you make each and every day. God bless you and God bless your loved ones, among whom we can count Americans. Thank you...
Civilian leadership misguided as it may be comes and goes with the wind and with elections but you stay on, day in and day out. Don't let us down. You and the men and women in our other services are ALL that stand between our freedoms and tyranny.
You do your work and we'll use all of the non-violent means at our disposal to give you the support you need.


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