Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama: Orwellian genius outdone? No, never...

When Janet (Homeland Security Czar) denounced "terrorism" and the use of the word "terrorist" in favor of "man-made disaster"; I thought "Here we go, Orwell."
Then the terrorists at Gitmo - the cuddly guys who want to kill us in any way that they can - are now called "refugees", that was enough for me.
I am opposed to many of Obama's policies such as the police state of medical procedures denied thereby lowering the number of folks receiving care that can easily grow out of His interlinked "health care" data bases. You do know that for years now little fingers all across the land in doctors' offices have been typing your medical data into a national data base. That is true; right out of the mouth of one of my doctor's busy little typist.
But terrorist killers as "refugees" - that's enough.
This is an administration to take seriously and many people are keeping an eye on it. I'm not planning to write much about the administration because it would keep me busy 24 hours a day and I'd rather do very elaborate counted-cross stitch patterns and teach friends to crochet.
The IOC smacked Michelle, Mr. Obama, and even Oprah during their lobbying mission for Chicago. Then the Nobel folks eased the wound by awarding the Nobel Peace Prize and 1.5 million dollars to our president not even a year into his presidency. And so he stands with others who have been awarded what used to be a prestigious award, right along side Arafat, who probably stands as the "father" of Islamist terrorism and untold murders of his people and Israelis as well.
Congratulations to Mr. Obama.
Who is paying for Oprah's expenses and trip on Air Force One/Two on the little jaunt to the IOC?
I wonder how many innocent people or American military personnel those Gitmo refugees murdered.


Blogger urbanadder22 said...

As much as so many of do resist it, we are being dragged, albeit with dug-in heels, into the vision of a socialist/fascist "paradise" as envisoned by the Obama faction.

Will the pendulum ever swing the other way again?

It is supposed to, by the law of physics governing pendulum movement.

Whether the damage done by this arrogant poseur can ever be repaired is another question.

4:35 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, Urbanadder22, we are a strong nation and his is but a child playing grown-up. I am reminded of Lord of the Flies so I admit that his is very dangerous but Americans are greater. We'll come to our senses eventually. A friend of mine says I am naive in my absolute faith in the ability of the American people to fight through but it is not faith - it is more than that.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

Unfortunately, BG, I think the term "American people" is no longer uniquely defined. There are the "original American people" and then there are the "replacement American people" that combine to make up the current American people. The interests of these two groups are diametrically opposed.

The original American people are basically Anglo-Americans, with a broad mix of German, Scandinavian, French, and other European stock included. They share a common culture and a common Christian heritage.

The replacement American people are a mix of mestizos who are principally American Indian, added to various other groups such as muzlim arabs, asiatic Indians, etc, all of whom have no connection to the European culture and Christian heritage of the original American people. They not only have no connection to it, but they are antagonistic to it.

For this reason, I would say that your faith in the American people needs to be tempered and limited to the original American people, and then only to the extent that they have not been beaten down and brain washed in submission. We have a bleak future.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr. D - you are right again. I live under the illusion that Americans are much better taught than they are. I should use the definition that you use with maybe one addition. We are on the precipice.

4:39 AM  

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